Unicorn Tears Lipstick Is A Thing & It's Glorious

Too Faced is a one-stop makeup shop for unicorns and mermaids alike. This time last year, the fan favorite launched it's La Creme in the Unicorn Tears shade. It was big hit on social media, and then the buzz kind of died down. Well, this lip back in a big way, taking over social media again as the must have bit of glam/sparkle you need for the holiday season. It's sheer and shimmery and everything you would expect a lipstick called "unicorn tears" to be. It has a bit of a pink to purple to blue color shift, and it works like magic over top of other lipsticks, too.

As of this moment, it's still pretty widely available, but it's already selling out. For example, Sephora no longer has it in stock, and there's a mere ONE LIPSITICK on all of Amazon. But the Too Faced store itself has your back, as does a handful of other retailers. There's even a payment plan option if a $22 (or $45) lipstick isn't in the cards right now. It's a great time to be a cash-strapped wanna be make up artist with shimmer dreams. Check out this list of retailers currently stocking the Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipstick and prepare to cry your own unicorn tears when it hits your mailbox.

1. Too Faced Official

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $22, TooFaced

You can get these tears straight from the unicorn by shopping at the official Too Faced Cosmetics web store.

1. Ulta

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $22, Ulta

Gratuitous packaging shot! Take a moment. Honestly, you knew Ulta was going to have your back on this one.

3. Amazon

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $45, Amazon

Are you ready for some supply and demand craziness? There's only one of these babies available on the whole website, and it's more than double the retail price. There's free shipping (no Prime) if that helps?

4. Home Shopping Network

Too Faced La Creme Unicorn Tears, $22, HSN

If $22 for a lipstick isn't in your budget but not getting this isn't in your life plan, you can get it for 4 monthly payments of $5.50.

Obviously Twitter is loving this lipstick, too.

Get it before it's gone! It's shaping up to be the must-have lip for the holiday season. You wouldn't want to be the ony unicorn at your work christmas party with boring lips.

Images: Courtesy Brands