Couple Has First Dance On Highway After Getting Stuck In The Worst Traffic Jam Ever -- UPDATE

A universal truth of weddings is that you can plan and plan (and plan and plan), and there will still be unexpected hiccups — and in some cases, outright disasters — that arise on the big day. Case in point: One Ohio couple had their first dance on the highway this weekend after they got stuck in terrible traffic on the way to their reception. It’s perfect example of people following the old adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The resulting video of the newlyweds' sweet first dance, surrounded by parked cars and friendly strangers, is adorable lemonade indeed. Update: The couple, who wish to remain anonymous at this time, tell Bustle in a statement,

We are so thankful for the positive response our story has received. We are relieved that no one was seriously hurt in the accident.

When we realized that we would be stuck for a while we were disappointed, saddened, and concerned for those involved in the accident. After sitting in the car for over an hour, others approached us once they noticed Rebecca in her wedding dress. We were asked what we would be doing if we weren't stuck in traffic and we noticed the time and told them our first dance was supposed to be soon. One of the girls said, "Let's have your reception right here and do your first dance." We got out of the car as they played music from their car.

It was amazing that the kindness of strangers, who noticed our dilemma, was able to turn around a difficult situation. We are so moved by their kindness and we will always have a wonderful story of how our life together began.

Earlier: The newlyweds got married on Saturday and were on the way to their reception in Dayton, Ohio, when they got stuck in an awful traffic jam. An accident involving up to five vehicles had closed U.S. Route 35 going west, leaving multiple lanes of cars at a standstill. (Thankfully, WHIO reports that no one was seriously injured in the wreck.) With nothing to do but wait — the highway was shut down for almost two hours in total — the bride and groom went ahead and had their first dance right there on the road, with Alison Krauss’s “When You Say Nothing At All” playing in the background. Luckily, the couple’s wedding videographer, Levi Curby of Levi Curby Media, was there to get it on video.

Look how sweet:

Levi Curby on YouTube

(Please note that the groom is SINGING the words to the bride. The cuteness SLAYS ME.)

A stranger even stepped in to tie the sash on the back of the bride’s dress.

Eventually someone swooped in to rescue the couple and whisk them off to their reception, where all of their guests were thrilled to see them.

Levi Curby on YouTube

I’m sure that getting into a giant traffic jam on their wedding day — and missing part of their own reception — was really stressful for the bride and groom. But this is the kind of experience that makes an amazing story later — “Hey, remember that time a bunch of strangers cheered our first dance on Route 35?” I’ll bet that whenever they drive down this highway in the future, they’ll remember their impromptu celebration.

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