How To Celebrate National Pie Day

For some of us, National Pie Day is every day. this can't be that surprising: After all, pies are the most comforting, versatile, and voluptuous desserts there are! Pie for breakfast, pie for lunch, pie for dessert — it's one of those rare desserts that's easy to dress up as a real meal, which is exactly why you're going to want to get to work on some of these easy pie recipes for National Pie Day, which falls on Dec. 1. My favorite rationalization is that they're basically just vehicles for fruits and dairy, which cover two super important food groups. I mean, if you think about it, pies are basically healthy. Basically.

And while most likely have no trouble getting their hands on store-bought pies, the commitment to make one at home can be overwhelming. I mean, any dish that involves dough can be a turnoff for anyone who doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But! Not all pie crusts are difficult to make, and no one's expecting you to master the art of pie-making on your first go. And chances are, the best pies you've had were the work of someone's homemade skills — so why not develop your own? This year, if you've been meaning to learn how to make a pie at home, take advantage of the opportunity on National Pie Day coming your way this Thursday, Dec. 1. The national holiday pressure is on, so roll up your sleeves!

These are some super simple recipes to ease you into your new identity as a pro-home baker.

Skillet Apple Pie

This Brown Eyed Baker recipe is a classic country kitchen dessert. The best part is, you won't have to clean a bunch of dishes when you're done — it's all done in the skillet.

Caramelized Pear Tart

Don't stress out over a crust on this recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker — it calls for a store-bought puff pastry sheet instead. This is a super chic and simple dessert that's actually quite light and won't leave you sleepy and overstuffed.

Peanut Butter Pie

This is one of the easiest "found ingredient" pies you'll ever make. The recipe by The Pioneer Woman is incredibly easy to follow, and you probably already have these ingredients in your pantry. It's the perfect midnight snack.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

This is the perfect starter pie for the person who's not yet into pies. It's basically a cookie cake, but in a pie dish. Follow these baby steps to piedom with the recipe by Bakerella to kick off your pie craze.

Cinnamon Roll Pie

If you don't have a lot of time but want that instant comfort of apple pie, this Deliciously Yum recipe should be your go to. It's just a few simple steps and you get all the warm, sweet, homey goodness of an apple pie with out all the prepping.

Salted Chocolate Pie

If you want to bring a homemade pie to a party and ensure that you're always invited back (or you simply want to impress someone) this pie is your go-to. Follow the simple instructions to the decadent pie as featured on The Messy Baker.

Apple Crumble

While crumbles aren't the quickest or easiest pies to make, the instructions are basically intuitive. Plus, you'll want this classic recipe in your wheelhouse. Get the recipe on Baked By Rachel.

Classic Sweet Potato Pie

This is not your average sweet pie. It's a bit more savory, but will still satisfy your sweet tooth, and is perfect for any fall or winter holiday gathering. Get the recipe on A Cozy Kitchen.

No Bake Layered Lemon Pie

This pie looks so fancy, it should be behind the glass of an upscale bakery — but you can make it easily at home. This is the perfect wow-your-friends pie, and it doesn't even involve the oven. Check out the recipe on My Baking Addiction.

Image: Brooke Lark/Unsplash