16 Unique Gift Ideas For Guys

Getting gifts for your friends and family can not only take a toll on your wallet, but also on your mind, especially when it comes to unique gifts for guys in your life. Sure, you could get him a tie or a wallet or even a novelty beer bottle opener. But what gifts do the guys in our lives actually want? There are so many cool gift ideas out there that defy stereotypes for men and will make you stand out this holiday season as the best gift-giver around.

It doesn't have to be super expensive or completely out-of-the-box to stand out as a fantastic gift. As long as it isn't a repeat of last year's "You're the Best" coffee mug or another pair of socks, you're pretty much in the clear. And, with so many awesome and useful new inventions being produced every day, there's no shortage of cool gifts to give the guy in your life this December. With just a little digging, you can find a present he'll love and didn't even know he wanted.

Holiday commercials like to box in men's interests and narrow them down to things like action films and cologne. But, in exactly the same way that not all women want the same things for the holidays, men have other interests that can give you plenty of ideas for a perfect gift that will make him smile. So, check out the list of gift ideas below and get started on your holiday shopping today.

1. Coffee & Whiskey Pillow Cases

Coffee & Whiskey Pillow Cases , $39, Fancy

Combine two of his favorite interests with these cute pillow cases. Anyone who enjoys a hot cup of coffee in the morning and a shot of whiskey at the end of the day can appreciate what these pillows have to say.

2. Bacon Candle

Yankee Bacon Candle, $28, Amazon

Sometimes you just want to wake up to the smell of hot, crispy bacon first thing in the morning and don't want to risk stepping on a George Foreman grill (I'm looking at you, Michael Scott). Perfectly emulating the smell of fresh bacon, this gift will make any room smell delicious.

3. Magic Wand Remote Control

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control, $100, Amazon

If the guy in your life is a huge Harry Potter fan or a fan of magic in general, this wizarding wand remote control is a great gift to use when marathoning all of his favorite fantasy films. It is on the pricier side, but it's totally worth it.

4. American Horror Story: Hotel Blu-Ray

American Horror Story: Hotel DVD Set , $19, Amazon

If he's into horror and he's already rewatched Murder House and Asylum a million times each, try getting him a Blu-Ray copy of AHS: Hotel . It's the perfect show for the holidays, obviously.

5. Granite Whiskey Rocks

Granite Whiskey Rocks , $20, Amazon

Keep his drinks cold without diluting them by using these natural granite drink chilling rocks. Shaped into perfect cubes to resemble ice, these rocks add a classy look to drinks and keep them cool without losing any of the flavors.

6. Tetris Heat Change Mug

Cynthia Tetris Heat Change Mug , $12, Amazon

You can't go wrong with the classics. This awesome heat-changing mug will create a game of Tetris on his cup every day, making mornings just a little bit cooler.

7. Record Clock

Record Clock , $38, Uncommongoods

Almost any lover of vintage records or music, in general, would love to have a piece like this hanging on the wall of their apartment. It adds that classic '80s feel to any living area while still being sleek and cool.

8. Personalized Mixtape Doormat

Personalized Mixtape Doormat , $38, Uncommongoods

Keeping with the music themes, this personalized doormat adds a special touch to any home and is sure to make the guy in your life smile whenever he gets home. Try getting him an actual mixtape or CD along with it. It'll be the ultimate throwback gift.

9. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit , $35, Uncommongoods

Some guys like to add a little spice to their lives, which is why this DIY hot sauce kit is perfect for them. Not only will they be happy, but you'll also have access to the freshest hot sauce around.

10. Tabasco Chocolate Wedges

Tabasco Chocolate Wedges , $7, Amazon

A simple but unique gift, these Tabasco chocolates are the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. If he likes hot sauce and he likes chocolate, the kick in this candy is sure to make him smile.

11. Harwick Messenger Bag

Harwick Messenger Bag , $98, J. Crew

Halfway between a messenger bag and a briefcase, this handy bag is perfect for any guy who wants to look chic and professional without looking totally corporate.

12. Bottle Cap Shadow Box

Bottle Cap Shadow Box, $70, CraftBeerHound

Much easier to keep track of than a bottle cap map, this bottle cap shadow box comes in all different patterns and doubles as a work of art for his walls and a great conversation starter.

13. Royal Dragon Goblet

Royal Dragon Goblet , $18, Amazon

Game of Thrones fans will feel twice as sophisticated and ready for winter this holiday season with this cool royal dragon goblet. More wine!

14. Oak Bottle Mini Master

Oak Bottle Mini Master , $60, Amazon

This bottle made out of oakwood acts as a mini barrel, adding smoking flavors to any beer or barbecue sauce and aging drinks faster than he could ever have dreamed.

15. Pocket DJ Mixer

Pocket DJ Mixer , $100, Uncommongoods

When it comes to music and mixing beats, some people can get pretty serious about how they sound. If there's a guy in your life who absolutely loves mixing sounds and lacks a professional and portable way to do so, this pocket DJ will be the ultimate gift for him this holiday season.

16. Flex Claw Hammer

Flex Claw Hammer , $18, Sears

This is basically the most punk rock hammer you're ever going to find. For any guys out there who really do enjoy handiwork and working with tools, this flex claw hammer with four different locking positions will come in handy for almost any job.

Now that you have plenty of ideas to avoid getting the guy in your life a wallet or a tie, it's time to get shopping.

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