The Best "Single As Hell Challenge" Tweets, Because This Is Your Time To Shine

If the internet is good for one thing, it's for forcing folks to engage in random feats out of sheer boredom — with the burning hope that their posts might go viral. Enter the #SingleAsHellChallenge on Twitter, which is inspiring many users to poke fun at themselves and celebrate the joys that only flying solo can bring.

Parodying trends like the Ice Bucket Challenge (which helped raised over 100 million dollars for ALS research), the Mannequin Challenge (which everyone from the Kardashians to Hillary Clinton got in on with their frozen-in-time videos), and even the frighteningly misguided Fire Challenge (which, is, like it sounds, about setting yourself on fire), this new challenge isn't so much a challenge as it is a lifestyle. In a world that too often says you win by partnering up and settling down, this hashtag is all about you — and you alone.

If there is one overriding way to successfully "win" this challenge, it isn't clear from the many posts popping up online. The most re-tweeted additions to the Single As Hell Challenge tend to be the funniest ones, highlighting just how difficult other challenges have been to pull off, and how easy this one is in comparison. Here's how single as hell Twitter users are joining in the fun:

1. Listen Up

2. Don't HMU

3. Finally

4. Can't Argue With That

5. Same

6. Relationship Goals

7. *Dries Tears*

8. Single AF & Good At It

9. This One's Mine

10. Round Of Applause

11. Watch Out, Here I Am

12. Victory

Images: Fotolia; Twitter