Meet the Band That's #1 in 39 Countries

by Kadeen Griffiths

5 Seconds of Summer, better known to the fans as 5sos, are known in the United States as that band that kept you entertained before One Directon came on during their Take Me Home tour. Or as that band that Louis Tomlinson tweeted about being "a fan of... for a while". Or as that band who will be opening for 1D on the North American leg of their Where We Are Tour later this year. Or as that band that is practically begging for 1D comparisons for the rest of their career. Outside of the United States, however, the band's first single "She Looks So Perfect" went #1 in 39 countries including the United Kingdom, which was the first time an Australian band had been #1 in 14 years.

Their EP, She Looks So Perfect, is now available for download on iTunes and it's only 4 songs long, just enough to give you a feel for the band's sound without taking up too much of the time you could be spending listening to 1D instead. But for those who remain skeptical that 5sos can break out of the shadow of Harry Styles' hair, here's a song on the EP that you'll love if already you love these One Direction songs.

If You Like "What Makes You Beautiful", Try "She Looks So Perfect"

Like "What Makes Your Beautiful", the title track of the EP, "She Looks So Perfect", is an anthem about the little things a girl does gets the boys of 5sos overwhelmed. Unlike "What Makes You Beautiful", it's a rock anthem rather than a pop tune, though it's no less catchy.

BEST LINE: "Your lipstick stain is a work of art. I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart."

If You Like "Does He Know?", Try "Heartache on the Big Screen"

On the surface, "Does He Know?" and "Heartache on the Big Screen" have two completely different messages. "Does He Know?" is about shamelessly lusting after someone else's girlfriend while "Heartache on the Big Screen" is one of the world's happiest breakup songs. However, they have a similar upbeat pop feel that screams get off the couch and dance.

BEST LINE: "The clock is ticking, and I'm out of time. The camera's rolling, and I forgot my lines."

If You Like "Half a Heart", Try "The Only Reason"

"Half a Heart" and "The Only Reason" differ in sound rather than message. They're both concerned with the heartache that a relationship gone wrong has left you with. The 1D song may take a more somber tone about their wistful desire for a reconciliation than 5sos's rock ballad, but they both send out meaningful messages to the one that got away.

BEST LINE: "Even though my dizzy head is numb, I swear my heart is never giving up."

If You Like "One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)", Try "What I Like About You"

5sos closes out their EP with a cover song from 1979, exactly like 1D's cover of "One Way or Another". Their song of choice was originally written by The Romantics and 5sos does the song justice, making a loyal cover that nonetheless adds in elements of their own aesthetic. Much like 1D, you can tell just from listening to it that the boys had a great time recording it.

Image: 5SOS.com