15 Christmas Makeup Tutorials That Celebrate The Kitsch & Camp Of The Holiday — VIDEOS

For some reason that doesn't feel especially Christmassy, holiday themed makeup tutorials often focus on red lips and gold eye shadow — in other words, traditional glamour with a twist. For those of us that believe Christmas is all about the camp, the kitsch, and the almost too ridiculous, those kinds of makeup looks just won't do. Finding makeup looks like candy cane eyeliner, for instance, feels way more in keeping with the holiday spirit than a standard smoky eye.

If you're into it, put down that blending brush for just a few minutes, and pick a festive makeup tutorial that reaches the right level of fun and whimsy for you. Be it an excessive amount of glitter, makeup that is verging on actually being face paint, or an entire look based on Christmas cliches, there's something on this list that will speak to your holiday themed soul.

Get ready to feel merry with a whole load of candy canes, holly bushes and snow effects being applied to faces all in the spirit of festive fun. Just think how delighted your baby cousins will be with your face when they see it (because let's face it, they never fully appreciated a perfect cut crease anyway.)

1. Holly Beauty Mark

Jade Madden on YouTube

Camp up your everyday glam with a glittery red lip and a little embellishment of holly. Come up with your own joke about decking the halls to accompany the look.

2. Candy Cane Eyeliner

Eyedolize Makeup on YouTube

This is only the start of different candy cane eyeliner looks you're going to see on this list, and it's one of the simplest. If you don't want to go too OTT this year, opt for this makeup tutorial.

3. Candy Cane Lipstick

Denean Dale on YouTube

Why limit yourself to only one kind of candy cane this year? Rock the look on your lips and lids.

4. Snow Queen

Jessica Rose on YouTube

If you're feeling a little extra this holiday season, but red really isn't your color, this icy look is perfect. Embrace all things sparkly without having to leave the comfort of cool tones.

5. Green Eyeliner

Denean Dale on YouTube

Replace your standard black winged liner with a green or red for an instantly festive face.

6. Candy Cane Eyebrows

Denean Dale on YouTube

Think of it this way: If it's on your face, you can draw a candy cane on it. First person to try a candy cane nose design wins a lifetime supply of being awesome.

7. Christmas Bauble Embellishment

BeautifulYouTV on YouTube

What's more Christmassy than drawing a giant bauble on your face to match your eyeshadow? Adding a candy cane lip, too.

8. Subtle Gems

KlairedelysArt on YouTube

Let's face it, everyone will be rocking some kind of glitter in their makeup this season. Why not add some actual gems and stay one step ahead?

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas

TheEmanueleCastelli on YouTube

Don't worry goth friends: This absolutely stunning Tim Burton inspired makeup look has got you covered.

10. Festive Print

TheEmanueleCastelli on YouTube

Technically this tutorial was inspired by carnival, but IMO, it makes for a great Christmas look. Wrap that face like a present, because you're a gift to the world.

11. Winter Wonderland

ICON Network on YouTube

Because blues, purples and silvers are just as festive as the standard reds, golds and greens.

12. Glitter Lips

PinupDollAshleyMarie on YouTube

Take any makeup look to the next level this holiday season by throwing on a glitter lip.

13. Under Eye Candy Cane Liner

GlamEffectss on YouTube

Oh you didn't think the candy cane creativity was over already, did you?

14. Santa's Hat Eyebrows

TheEmanueleCastelli on YouTube

Show off how fabulous your eyebrow skills are by highlighting them with their own little hat.

15. Blue Eye Shadow

nicolelyndseysundin on YouTube

Inspired by snowflakes or inspired by how blue eye shadow always looks good? You decide. Either way, this is a divinely different kind of makeup to wear over the holidays.

If this list hasn't impressed you with sheer creativity and dedication to Christmas, then nothing will. Now go forth and see just how many parts of your face look better with a candy cane on them.

Images: Denean Dale/YouTube