Caroline Stanbury Is Making A Big Move In ‘Ladies Of London’ Season 3, But Don’t Think She’s Gone For Good — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

There will be a lot of major changes when Ladies of London return for Season 3 on Tuesday, including Caroline Stanbury moving from London to Dubai. As showcased in the exclusive clip below, the queen of the hit Bravo series is literally making a big move. It's been known for awhile now that Caroline, her husband, Cem Habib, and their three children are no longer living in London. Now, thanks to brand new episodes of the reality show, fans will get to see Queen Stanbury packing up her gorgeous home and heading to the United Arab Emirates city.

In the video below, Caroline reveals her husband was offered a great job that they just couldn't pass up. In Season 3, Caroline is still in London (at least for part of the season), but isn't living in her gorgeous home shown in the first two seasons. Instead, they rented out that mansion to another family and downgraded to a smaller rental in Surrey.

It's kind of a bummer to think that she is no longer living in London and running the city like she has for past seasons, but if you think Caroline's move means she's gone for good, you're wrong. It appears people have expressed concern over her move — including how Dubai is a different country, culture, and not close to London at all — but as Caroline declares in the video, "I'm not a tree, if I don't like it, I'll move."

There you have it. If you thought the queen would give up her reign that easily, it's not going to happen. She is irreplaceable and it's going to take more than a move to another country to get rid of her.

Also, take note of Caroline's good friend and new cast member Adela King in the clip. She and Caroline seem to have an extremely tight bond. "There's a big misconception that Caroline is just this ice queen, you know, with a heart of steel," Adela says in the video. "But you get to know the real her, she's incredibly sensitive and she is gonna hate me for saying that." Based on Adela's description of Caroline and their brief interaction in the sneak peek, these two are going to bring a lot of greatness to what sounds like an already fantastic third season.

Ladies of London Season 3 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 10 pm. EST on Bravo.

Image: Rebecca Miller/Bravo