'Teen Mom 2's Chelsea & Cole Are Still The Cutest

You have not seen true happiness until you see Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer's faces in the new Teen Mom 2 trailer. The minute-long trailer, which reveals that the new season of the reality show airs on Jan. 2, features a slice of each girl's life this season: Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin getting divorced, Jenelle and Barbara Evans still arguing about custody, Leah Messer looking healthier and happier than ever with her three daughters, and Houska telling her producer (and Aubree!) about the baby. Houska and DeBoer have long been fan favorites on the show, but their genuine excitement in revealing their pregnancy is seriously something else. It is precious and it is pure and DeBoer is literally radiating with joy. I CANNOT EVEN DEAL WITH IT.

In the clip, Houska and DeBoer are in their kitchen, grinning from ear-to-ear as they show the producer the pregnancy tests. Houska is absolutely beside herself with excitement (both women immediately start screaming) but it is DeBoer who is positively bursting with pride. His reaction certainly echoes Houska's description of him back when she revealed that the couple were expecting a baby boy. "Cole is the PROUDEST man I have ever seen, and cannot wait to have his son," she wrote at the time.

Also featured in the trailer is Houska telling Aubree that she is going to be a big sister. Viewers don't yet see Aubree's reaction (her back is to the camera), but I imagine her face is filled with the same amount of excitement as her mom and stepdad's. This family is the absolute cutest, and it is certainly heartwarming to see Houska getting everything she ever wanted — particularly after putting up with the back-and-forth antics from Adam Lind for years and years. She deserves this, and we all deserve to bask in their happiness.

Image: MTV