Juliet & Caroline S. Rule 'Ladies Of London' S3

When it comes to any Bravo reality series, you know there is going to be a lot of turmoil within friendships. That was definitely the case in the first two seasons of Ladies of London and will continue to be in the third. While chatting with Bustle, star Juliet Angus says Ladies of London Season 3 features a lot of friendship battles between herself, Marissa Hermer, and her "American friends." On the other hand, Angus and Caroline Stanbury are as thick as thieves.

"You’ll definitely see more ups and downs in our relationship," Angus says of Hermer. "There’s a lot of press issues, where I just feel she hasn’t been there for me like [when] I first got to know her. Something changed, we can say between us both, you know, it takes two to tango, but you’ll still see my ups and downs with Marissa this season."

According to Angus, some of those downs with Hermer and her other non-British friends include them not supporting Angus' newfound indentity as an even more independent, career-driven woman. She explains,

"I think some of the girls still like to pigeonhole me in certain ways because it’s just easier for them and it makes themselves feel better. I just realized, especially my American friends on the show, they were my closest friends in life and they were comfortable when I was sort of the little sister, instead of having my own voice. That doesn’t sit with them. What you’ll see is the more I become successful the more they want to put me down."

With Angus' new career as a "social media influencer" and founder of her fashion blog Juliet Angus, she's become a bit of a different Juliet than fans may recall. "[Fans will] get to see more a side of me that’s more grounded," the 40-year-old reality star says. "I don’t have to fight for my place here in London anymore. I’ve let myself settle in and I’ve realized who my true friends are. You know, when I first moved to London I wanted the love and adoration of everyone and I realized that I only need those I can count on one hand. Just being happy through finding my career and really settling here in London. I guess a more happier, calmer me, who is the fierce, loyal friend."

Speaking of being a "fierce, loyal friend," that's exactly who she is to Caroline Stanbury. "Oh yes, she is one of my best friends," Angus declares about Stanbury. "She’s like a sister. I get to say big sister, because she’s a year older than me." She adds about her family and Stanbury's, "I spend more time with them than my own family in Chicago." Angus even says she texts with Stanbury's husband, Cem Habib, because they are all "just very, very close."

As for that whole debacle in Season 2 where Stanbury straddled Angus' husband, it's all in the past and something she doesn't even think about now. "We are so close now that literally I think it was just after couple bottles of champagne and [I was] hypersensitive," Angus says of the Season 2 fight. "What really annoyed me was my husband wanted to go to sleep and she had to go like be obnoxious with him. That’s what annoyed me the most that he was trying to get quiet time, he had just flown in from Mexico that day, and he was jetlagged." She adds, "It escalated and then you wake up the next morning and you’re like, 'It’s really not a big deal.'"

Actually, Angus says in Season 3 she is closest to both Stanbury and Caroline Fleming. Although, according to her, not every cast member appreciates their friendship. "What really annoys me is Julie Montagu says I’m so far up their asses, especially Caroline Stanbury, but if you were to talk to Caroline Stanbury she’d probably say she never had a more fiercely loyal friend." Angus continues, "We don’t know the other side of it because she plays a role with them, but with me there’s a really special friendship. It’s easy for [people] to say I’m friends with them for a reason, when actually it’s probably the most normal friendship than they would ever have."

It's good to know that as much drama as there seems to be in the thrid season, there is just as much love between friends thanks to Angus and the Carolines.

Ladies of London Season 3 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Image: Bravo