So, People are Now Taking Selfies After Sex

by Allie Healy

Let's face it, millennials love taking pictures of everything. Their pets, their faces, their clothes, their faces, their new car, their faces, their feet at the beach, their faces. Mostly, their faces. But now, iPhone-carrying twentysomethings have taken to a new photographic trend: taking pictures of their faces... post-sex. That's right: Another fine product of the millennial generation are #AfterSex selfies, coming to an Instagram near you, if they haven't already.

Though these photos themselves are pretty self-explanatory — they are selfies that feature you and your partner, taken after sex — many Instagram users have been taking pictures that are, well, a bit off. Couples picking up on the trend are shown anywhere from naked to partially clothed or completely dressed. Now, we're hardly going to question your style (you do you, people!), but the PG garments do hit the believability of the hashtag a bit. You're not fooling anyone, kids!

Now, I understand why basking in post-sex bliss can be awesome, but isn't it a little much for social media? As there are more than 3,000 photos with the hashtag, I find it a bit concerning that these humble-bragging snapshots could fall in the wrong hands. You don't want your tech-savvy grandmother checking out you in your post-coital prime, do you? And what about your next family dinner? I can hear it now: "Hey Allie, saw a fine photo of you and [name] naked in bed together. What was happening there?" A school project, my dear uncle. Save me the shudders!

Image: Bustle Stock Photo