Bill Clinton's Epic April Fools' Prank

It's still early, but we'd like to suggest the award for the most unexpected — and ingenious — April Fool's Day joke should go to former President Bill Clinton. Just after midnight on Tuesday, Clinton's Twitter account posted a photo of the man himself impersonating his wife, potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Underneath he wrote "I'm following my leader!"

Clinton had Photoshopped himself into the iconic Texts from Hillary meme of Hillary Clinton on board a military aircraft, surrounded by a stack of papers, wearing sunglasses and apparently texting. Bill swapped out the cell phone for what appears to be a giant iPad.

Bill has also changed his Twitter bio to parody his wife's account. It now reads "Husband, dad, FPOTUS, Bono impersonator, 3-piece suit aficionado, Hoya + Razorback fan, meme appropriator."

The original viral photo of Hillary was taken back in October 2011 when she was travelling on a C-17 military plane from Malta to Tripoli in Libya. In 2012 a Tumblr

blog was started, using the image to create memes of imaginary conversations between Hillary and other political figures or celebrities who were also pictured using their cell phones.

Far from being offended, Hillary was loving it, and even invited co-creators Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe to her office.

When she launched her Twitter account in 2013, her first Tweet mentioned the pair and used the hashtag #tweetsfromhillary.

Not only is Bill's prank pretty hilarious, it also wins extra awesomeness points for demonstrating that he thinks his wife is just as much of a trailblazer as we do. We love you, Bill.

Images: Twitter/Bill Clinton, Twitter/Hillary Clinton