'How I Met Your Mother' Co-Creater's Response to Disappointed Fans Will Just Make You Angrier

We know. You had mixed feelings about the finale. You were outraged/sad/emotional/murderous. In the midst of the uproar over the divisive finale, How I Met Your Mother's co-creator, Craig Thomas, spoke out about the shows' finale. He took to Twitter to respond to the fans whose e-cries were creating echoes throughout all of the Internet.

And rightfully so — the nine years of following Ted Mosby ended with a) the mother dying and b) his kids giving him the thumbs up to be with "Aunt" Robin. (Erin Gloria Ryan said it best: "How I Almost Kissed Your Aunt Like Seventy Five Times.") And in a morbid light, the show killed off the mom so our philandering protagonist could end up with the Artist Formerly Known As Robin Sparkles. But you know. You were there at your very own MacLaren's (or your couch, watching and emoting along with the episode), too.

The whole thing, quite frankly, felt like a bit of a downer of nine-seasons of buildups, catchphrases, and slap bets. The finale should have felt, well, legendary, but it didn't.

But Thomas addressed that the series' fans' varying degrees of disappointment is indicative of something more than just a poorly crafted end to an otherwise excellently crafted show. It's indicative of how much people cared about the show... and it was just a sitcom. When you think about it, this some Friends-level stuff.

Over a series of Tweets, Thomas said the following:

Thanking us over and over doesn't really make a lot of sense since we're pretty pissed about the whole thing. It's basically the equivalent of telling us to "relax", which, oh hell no. DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN.

But that — for what it's worth — perhaps indicates that the series was, indeed, legendary.