Will 'Westworld' Be On Netflix? You'll Need To Look Elsewhere When Revisiting The Theme Park

Westworld was arguably the smartest and most talked about TV series of 2016 and based on the Season 1 finale, it will be talked about for months to come. But if you don't have HBO or didn't realize what a big deal the series would become, you may feel totally out of the loop. Unfortunately, if you were planning to catch up by watching Westworld on Netflix, you'll likely have to find a different way.

Currently, no HBO series, past or present, are available to stream on Netflix, and there's no sign of that changing. Westworld also isn't currently available on Hulu or iTunes, but there is hope for the latter. While no HBO series are streaming on Hulu, many of the network's shows — including Game of Thrones — can be purchased on iTunes, though it takes a while for them to become available. So if you don't have HBO, you should be able to watch Westworld on iTunes at some point before Season 2 premieres and kicks the conversation back into high gear. If you don't want to wait that long, the easiest way is, of course, to watch Westworld on HBO Go with your cable subscription or HBO Now, which lets you stream HBO without a cable provider for $14.99 a month (though your first month is free).

While you decide how to watch Westworld, here are some shows to marathon that are on Netflix that might satsify your craving for the series.

Hell On Wheels


If you like westerns, angst, and even a little bit of violence, there's no better show to check out. All five seasons are currently streaming, which means you won't have to wait a moment to see how cliffhangers are resolved.



Westworld has been compared to LOST numerous times by critics and for good reason: it's twisty, it has secrets upon secrets, and it promises to give us more questions than answers. (It even has its own Man in Black!)

Star Trek: The Next Generation


OK, it's not a show based on cowboys and theme parks, but it is a show revolving around science fiction and artificial life.



If you like figuring out mysteries, you might be interested in checking out this Joss Whedon series about a secret facility that erases the personalities of its subjects so they can cater to the wealthy.

Person of Interest


It's Minority Report meets artificial intelligence — and it's also the series that brought together J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, leading to their teamup on Westworld.

Battlestar Galactica


Cylons warring with humans? Science fiction themes galore? The fight for technology against humanity? Sounds like a pretty great substitute for Westworld.

And even if you do watch Westworld on HBO Now or iTunes, you'll need something to fill the wait for Season 2, and these series should do the job.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBOHBO; Giphy (6)