Meet Victoria's Secret's Newest Angels

Kendall! Gigi! Jasmine! Adriana! Alessandra! These are just a few of the seriously big names in the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which airs on Monday Dec. 5 at 10 p.m. ET. In addition to the fourteen official Angels (aka the girls who wear the wings), there are more than a dozen lucky ladies walking in the show for the very first time. So who are this year's new Victoria's Secret models?

For most models (and most humans in general), participating in the VS Fashion Show is a lifelong dream come true. Remember how excited Gigi and Kendall both were when they got cast last year?! Getting accepted is crazy-competitive, and the auditions involve walking in front of a panel of judges in your underwear — talk about stressful! There are usually only 45-50 models in the show in total, and being included is one of the highest industry honors.

The best part about the new class of Victoria's Secret models is that it seems like a group of girls we would all genuinely love to hang out with. They were all so excited when they landed the gig (based on their Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter reactions) which means they are basically the same as us normals. Meet the 18 models who will be walking the Victoria's Secret fashion show for the first time. Here's hoping no one trips!

1. Bella Hadid

OK, so the youngest Hadid sister isn't exactly "new" considering we've been obsessed with her modeling for years, but this is the first time she'll be strutting her stuff on the VS runway. Talk about a "sister, sister" moment!

2. Brooke Perry

You may recognize Brooke Perry from the VS Pink ads, and considering she's been working with the brand for the past year it makes sense that she'll be making an appearance on the runway.

3. Dilone

Dilone is a rapper/model/all-around adorable human being, and announced her acceptance into club VS by roaming the NYC city streets wearing angel wings. She has the most gorgeous short, natural hair, which I personally can't wait to see coming down the runway among all the long-haired blowouts.

4. Georgia Fowler

Georgia Fowler is no stranger to the modeling industry — the 25-year-old New Zealander has been in high-fashion ads since she was a teenage — but this is her first time walking for VS. She's been going to the casting calls for the last five years, and said that when she found out she made it into the show she and her mom were screaming and crying for 72-ish hours. So much respect for her never giving up!

5. Grace Elizabeth

Florida-native Grace Elizabeth has been touted by Vogue as the next big "crossover model," which basically means she does everything — print, runway, high-fashion, and commercial. Like her VS co-star Gigi Hadid, Elizabeth was a Guess girl, so we can only imagine the two of them will be comparing notes backstage!

6. Herieth Paul

Tanzanian model Harieth Paul is as good as she is gorgeous. When she's not walking the runway or appearing in major fashion campaigns, she's helping provide education to young girls at her mothers orphanage in Africa.

7. Jourdana Elizabeth

Cut off your hair, become a Victoria's Secret model — sounds pretty easy, right? At least that's how it worked for Jourdana Elizabeth. The Texas Native chopped her long brown locks and is now rocking a gorgeous blonde 'do, which will look stunning on its first trip down the VS catwalk.

8. Keke Lindgard

Keke Lindgard is basically the Hawaiian dream girl we've all always wanted to be since Blue Crush came out in 2002.

9. Lais Oliveira

Lais Oliviera has been featured in the VS catalog (among other major fashion campaigns), and the brown haired blue-eyed Brazilian beauty will now have the chance to follow in Giselle's literal footsteps on the runway.

10. Lameka Fox

Lameka Fox was discovered on Instagram (through IMG's "We Love Your Genes" competition),which means there's officially hope for the rest of us normals to be the next face of Victoria's Secret.

11. Luma Grothe

Like Lameka Fox, Brazilian model Luma Grothe is another totally insane success story: she only got into modeling after her best friend convinced her to enter a contest in her hometown. Why don't my best friends ever get me on track for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

12. Maggie Laine

Maggie Laine is only 18, and walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Give me a second to go re-evaluate my own life goals.

13. Megan Williams

Megan Williams is a Guess girl, a Victoria's Secret model, and a Sport's Illustrated model, so she has officially achieved the hot girl trifecta of perfection.

14. Xiao Wen Ju

Xiao Wen Ju was the first woman of Chinese descent to be the face of Marc Jacobs, and is one of only a few Asian women ever to walk in the VS show (which we all really hope changes in the future).

15. Zuri Tibby

21-year-old Zuri Tibby was the first black spokesperson for VS Pink. She was discovered at a mall, which makes me think I should start going back to shopping at those (even though I swore off of them after middle school).

16. Irina Shayk

You may recognize Irina Shayk from the time Bradley Cooper made her cry at the US open, but I have a feeling no one will be talking about that once they see the Russian model on the runway.

17. Alanna Arrington

Alanna Arrington announced her acceptance into the VS Class of 2016 via the cutest, most excited-looking Instagram ever. Probably because she's only 17, and has already achieved a major #lifegoal.

18. Camille Rowe

Even though it's her first time walking in the show, French model Camille Rowe will feel right at home on this year's VS runway in Paris (even though she now lives in Brooklyn, NY). As if we weren't jealous enough of her already, she once appeared in a Dior Homme campaign with Robert Pattinson. I actually don't know which one of them I think is luckier to hang with the other.