This New Photo Of Trump & Conway Is So Meme-Worthy

After Donald Trump won the presidential election, many of his supporting actors stepped into the spotlight more boldly than before. This is exceptionally true for Kellyanne Conway, a former Republican pollster and Trump's campaign manager. Conway's antics have once again made her a meme, though this instance is far more innocent than the time she said that if women were "physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist." These Conway and Trump jokes and memes are hilarious proof that this horrible opinion-holding odd pair are still worth joking about.

The original photo Conway tweeted was fairly run-of-the-mill — a photo of her leaning over a seated Trump at his desk, surrounded by what appears to be a mess of magazines, reports, and hats embroidered with the letters "USA." It was accompanied by a caption discussing how she and the president-elect are "working hard." In fact, she and Trump have worked closely together for months since August, when she became his campaign manager and tirelessly defended him on every news channel. Twitter, of course, saw the opportunity to meme and naturally ran with it. Below are eight of the funniest jokes and memes of Trump and his campaign manager having a laugh at his laptop.

1. The Original Post Is Weird Enough

Honestly, the way they're posed reminds me of the photos I took at various unpaid college internships while pretending that I and the other interns weren't just scrolling through each others' Facebooks instead of working.

2. The President-Elect Is Brushing Up On His Reading Comprehension

It's definitely been a while since Trump was in college, so he probably hasn't had to read that much in a while... or something.

3. The Caps We Need

When you associate your campaign with a ubiquitous red baseball hat, upgrading is necessary, right?

4. Answering The Important Questions

The last time I used this was in tenth grade when searching "how to get your crush to like you."

5. Computer Literacy Is Essential

There's no telling how high-tech the computers in the White House are...

6. Everyone Loves Gossip

This joke was bound to be made.

7. The Meme Debriefing

With the meme-centrism of many of his supporters, it's high time Trump met them on their own turf.

8. Don't Bro Me Before You Know Me

The thought of Trump calling Conway "bro" is chilling, honestly.

Conway and Trump are entering a new phase in their work relationship, and for all of us coping by means of humor, this new phase might be what we need to get through it.