Under Armour Creates New Line Based on Gym Selfies

Here's more proof that selfies are taking over the world: not only are they being used to raise money for cancer research, they're also affecting the way clothing brands are creating their collections. According to Racked, Under Armour's newest line was inspired by gym selfies: you know, all those super-fit girls whose sexy pics of themselves in their workout attire have taken over Instagram.

You don't have to be a follower of the fitness movement on social media to have stumbled upon a gym selfie on Instagram. Just one peek at the app's popular page and you'll be inundated with at least a handful of selfies that were snapped at the gym. Even our beloved celeb Instagrammers are guilty of taking photos of themselves post-workout. But while some might find them to be super-vain, others — namely Under Armour — are using them as a means of research.

Under Armour noticed that a lot of the women in those gym selfies liked to take photos dressed in almost little to nothing, except for "tiny sports bra-and-booty short combos." As a result, their newest collection features colorful shorts and sports bras that will allow those users to flaunt their bodies as much as they want, without being completely naked.

At least they're not completely naked.

Image: Kayla_Itsines/Instagram; AlessandraAmbrosio/Instagram; Bustle/Instagram