Give To Civil Rights Groups On Giving Tuesday

by Joseph D. Lyons

You woke up Friday to head to the mall early, and raked in the savings. Then Monday you went online while at work to double check what was actually cheaper online. So now, how about making a few donations to make the country a better place? It needs it, especially now. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is the preferred way to even out massive consumerism with a bit of good will. So this year, with so-called alt-right white nationalist politics on the rise, consider these seven civil rights groups to donate to this Giving Tuesday.

There's going to be a lot of work to do these next four years under Trump to minimize harm to minorities in the country. Some black civil rights groups have already dedicated themselves to keep a close eye on the Trump administration to ensure that hard-fought gains of the Obama years are not completely reversed. You can support their work and others' as well. How much you give is totally up to you, but consider how much you spent on gifts when you do so. There could be room in your budget for a gift that will truly keep on giving during these difficult times.

1) NAACP Legal Defense Fund

The NAACP Legal Defense fund has decades of experience protecting African-Americans, their civil rights, and access to the polls. Their fight is about racial justice and protecting civil rights gains made over the past 75 years. Give to them and see your donation matched.

2) Southern Poverty Law Center

Speaking out on almost every civil rights and justice matter under the sun, the Southern Poverty Law Center is working for everyone. They're keeping track of hate crimes, harassment, and intimidation connected to Trump's victory on top of their normal progressive work. Support them on Giving Tuesday and get holiday cards for every $50.

3) Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund

Whether it's voting rights or immigration rights, MALDEF is there to support the rights of Latino Americans. They've already started organizing and have a game plan to stop mass deportations. Donate to make their work happen.

4) The Trevor Project

With Mike Pence becoming vice president, there is a real concern about a rollback on LGBTQ rights in America. We can't let it come at the expense of young children. LGBTQ teens already experience higher suicide rates, and they need to be supported. The Trevor Project does this. Obama has been an ally, but sadly those days are over. This group will need support these next years too.

5) Anti-Defamation League

Historically aimed at stopping the defamation of Jewish people, the Anti-Defamation League now not only fights anti-semitism (sadly much more needed after Trump's win) but also bigotry of all forms. They work for the civil rights of all, and now is the time to keep that work well funded.

6) International Refugee Assistance Project

Refugees need a voice, especially in the legal system, and that's what the International Refugee Assistance Project provides by organizing law students and lawyers to help. Both through individual cases and changing the larger system, this group does great work. Donate for the rights of the Syrian refugees Trump has promised to turn back.

7) Council On American-Islamic Relations

Most of the anti-refugee rhetoric has been pushed using Islamophobia. It's also important to give to groups that support our Muslim communities in the United States, who have faced a big backlash under Trump in the form of hate crimes in places like Dearborn, Michigan. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is key to keeping Muslim Americans safe and equal.

These are just seven places where you can give your money this Giving Tuesday. Consider a donation to a group like this today, or even better yet, make it a recurring one. We're stronger together, and we need to support the civil rights of all Americans these next four years.