12 Warmest Socks For Winter That'll Keep Your Toes Cozy AF

Having literal cold feet is kind of the worst. Especially during winter. And because it can be kind of difficult to find socks that will actually keep your feet warm, if you suffer from icy toes, you've probably tried just about every other method of imparting any amount of heat possible on your feet.

For instance, because it's almost impossible to fall asleep when you can't feel your feet, you probably know the struggle of trying to tuck your feet under your SO, a pet, or even yourself just so you can finally catch a few Zs. And that struggle is pretty real. After all, it's much easier to keep your feet warm in the first place than warm them up from a zero-degree state. Which is why it would be really nice if your socks actually kept your feet at a temperature closer to the rest of your body.

While it can be difficult to find some such socks, they do exist. So to help make your winter a little more bearable, here are 12 types of socks that will keep your toes surprisingly cozy. Because, believe it or not, it is actually possible to be able to feel your feet during these colder months.

1. Lounge Ankle-Socks

Heat Holders Thermal Lounge Ankle Socks, $34, Kohls

Perfect for wearing around the house, these thick and cozy socks have no-slip grips on the bottom and a fuzzy collar around the ankles for extra warmth.

2. Insulated Crew-Socks

MUK LUKS Heat Retainer Thermal Insulated Socks, $13, Amazon

The fuzzy lining and thick cushioning on these longer socks will keep your tootsies toasty.

3. Thermal Crew-Socks

Weatherproof Thermal Crew Socks, $12, Target

No matter the weather, these cushioned socks will keep your feet balanced and warm.

4. Fuzzy Animal-Socks

AEO Animal Cozy Crew Socks, $9, American Eagle Outfitters

Besides how undeniably cute these penguins-wearing-ear-muffs socks are, the fuzziness inside and out will keep your feet totally cozy.

5. Wool Knee-Socks

AEO Ombre Boot Socks, $8, American Eagle Outfitters

These extra-long socks are made of wool to keep not only your feet but also your legs nice and warm.

6. Lined Boot-Socks

Out From Under Cozy Lined Boot Sock, $7, Urban Outfitters

Lined, wool socks are perfect for fighting the cold and keeping the feeling in your toes.

7. Rain-Boot Socks

Hunter Original Tall Fleece Welly Boot Sock, $30, Amazon

Keep your feet ultra warm when it's cold and wet outside with these fleece socks that tuck perfectly into rain boots.

8. Microfiber Ankle-Socks

Butter 2-Pack Ankle Socks, $7, Nordstrom

Super-soft, microfiber socks will keep feet warm and cozy during even the coldest months.

9. Chenille Crew-Socks

UGG Australia Chenille Crew Socks, $26, Amazon

Whether sleeping, lounging, or out-and-about, these chenille socks will envelop your feet in softness and warmth.

10. Merino-Wool Socks

Merino Wool Ragg Sock 2-Pack, $20, L.L. Bean

For the softest wool socks that will keep your feet warm and not itchy, try these that can be worn around the house or with your favorite boots.

11. Cushioned Hiking-Socks

Darn Tough Hiker Full Cushion Boot Hiking Socks, $24, Amazon

Fully cushioned for extra comfort and warmth, these wool socks are sure to keep your feet warm whether or not you actually go hiking.

12. Heated Wool-Socks

Heat Factory Merino Wool Pocket Socks, $18, Amazon

Of course, if you want socks that can actually hold toe heaters for added warmth, this pair will do just that to keep your feet super toasty all winter long.

Because you deserve to be able to feel your toes for the next five months.

Images: 3025332/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands