Is Zoella Beauty Sold At Target? The Holiday Season Just Got A Little Better

Ever since Zoella Beauty launched, people have been dying to be able to shop the products in the states. Well, now you can. According to the company's Instagram post, Zoella Beauty is now sold at Target. Fans are freaking out about the new holiday addition too. Let's just say that if you thought your holiday shopping was done, you should think again.

Over the Black Friday weekend, mysterious social media pictures popped up of people finding Zoella Beauty products at Target. Thankfully, the brand has come out and officially announced that the rumor is true. You can now buy Zoella Beauty's Gingerbread Fizz Trio at Target. Don't get too excited though. This is the only product currently being sold there.

Either way, this is definitely exciting news. If one product is there, then there's a possibility for the entire line to be sold there as well. Of course, there's no official news that it will happen though. There's no word on whether any more products — holiday or non — will hit the store in time to give as a gift this season. Let's just try to embrace the product we have though, because this is some pretty major news.

Zoella Beauty Gingerbread Fizz Trio, $12,

The best part is how incredibly affordable this product is. You'll get three bath products for $12. That's just $4 a piece, people! It's available online as well as in stores, so the shopping possibilities are pretty much endless. Just look as how adorable the fizzies are too.

Zoella Beauty Gingerbread Fizz Trio, $12,

I'm not the only one excited about this launch either. Fans of Zoella Beauty have taken to social media to share the exciting news with everyone.

Agreed. More, please!

A really super exciting surprise, I might add.

*Cue beauty aisle freakout.*

Notice how they're almost sold out.

Not an over-exaggeration.


Happy holidays to you!

If this is the kind of excitement that one product make, just think what a whole line would do!