15 Gift Ideas for Hard Femmes Who Are Total Badasses

If you've got a friend who has perfectly lined lipstick, eyeliner sharper than a blade, and who wouldn't hesitate to put a high heel through someone's toes, you might some gift ideas for the hard femmes. It might feel like choosing a present for them is impossible, but there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for your buddy.

For those who are unfamiliar, a hard femme is someone with a queer gender identity and/or sexual orientation. Their aesthetic touches on things that a traditionally feminine, but with a twist. Clothes and makeup can make good presents for the hard femme in your life, especially if you're keyed in to their personal and particular style aesthetic.

There are plenty of original and clever pieces of art on sites like Etsy, Storenvy, and BigCartel to choose from, so get some inspiration below and prepare to impress the hard femme in your life for the holidays.

1. Enamel Pins

Shibari Enamel Pin, $10, Sabrina Elliott

If your hard femme friend has jackets or bags with buttons all over them, you might want to consider a cheeky enamel pin to add to their collection. You can find pins shaped like jars of cocoa butter, cats, witches on brooms, and pretty much anything you can think of. The pin above is by Sabrina Elliott (an artist based out of Portland, OR) and she has a range of art work any hard femme would enjoy.

2. A Tattoo

Hard femmes love decorating themselves and if your femme happens to be a fan of tattoos it might not be a bad idea to buy them a little jammer for the holidays. Teagan Campbell is based in Victoria BC. If you're in the area consider dropping them a line regarding their gorgeous machine-free work.

3. A Self-Identifying Tee Shirt

Hard Femme Traditional Blackwork Tattoo Art T-Shirt, $37, ParlorTattooPrints

Sometimes the gift tells the giftee that you know exactly who they are. You know, in case anyone wasn't sure that you're friends with a hard femme.

4. A Charming Concealed Weapon

Black Lipstick Knife, $5, BudK

Maybe for this particular self defense present you want to check your state's laws on buying and shipping knives. If all else fails, show your loved one that you want them to be safe with an adorably packaged pepper spray from Amazon.

5. A Patch Paying Tribute to Their Familiar

Woven Patch, $5, Cat Coven

Anyone who loves their animals would love you for giving them anything related to their pets. This patch is just another way a hard femme can decorate themselves with tributes to their kitty kin.

6. A Zine

Jackie Wang, $1, Microcosm Publishing

This particular zine is about one person's experience with being hard femme and what it means to her. It's a great read for anyone looking to connect with their community.

7. A Bath Bomb

Blackberry, $6, Lush

It can be exhausting being flawless all the time. A bath bomb encourages some self care and the added bonus is that there are plenty of options to choose from.

8. Feminist "Dad Hat"

Impure Thoughts, $15, Etsy

What's a hard femme without feminism? A ball cap is a simple accessory that you can add bold statements to.

9. Feminist Embroidery

Moonrise Whims, $55, Etsy

If you're sensing a theme here, it's because there is one. This "smash the patriarchy" embroidery piece is the epitome of aggressive femininity. Your friend is going to want to hang this on their front door.

10. A Tee Shirt With A Message

Sarah Duyer, $24, Etsy

An outfit with a message (especially such an aggressive one) is a perfect addition to any femme's closet.

11. Femme-inist Enamel Pin

ambivalentlyyours, $9, Etsy

Another pin to the collection, but this time it's doing more than just sitting pretty.

12. Brazen Femme

Chloë Brushwood Rose & Anna Camilleri, $20, Amazon

The gift of a good book about the queering of femininity is a pretty solid show of appreciation for your likely political pal.

13. Buttons

Creepy Gals, $2, Etsy

These cute pieces can be added to the feminist "dad hat" shown above to give some punch to your gift.

14. Hard Femme Album

Hard Femme, Bandcamp

This album is pay what you want, but the gift of a soundtrack to the bad ass life of a hard femme is priceless.

15. Tickets To A Show

PWR BTTM, $1, bandcamp

Tickets to a rock show might be just the gesture you're looking for. PWR BTTM is an awesome hard femme band that is on tour now. Invite ALL your friends for a glittery experience.

Regardless of what you end up choosing, knowing that you're in absolute awe of your friend's aesthetic — and celebrate the hell out of their identity — will impress them.

Images: Courtesy of Brands; Teagan Campbell