Is Savitar In DC Comics? ‘The Flash’ Villain May Not Be What He Seems

As usual, Barry Allen is balancing several threats to Central City at once. There's an impendng alien invasion, Alchemy's lure to those tempted by their Flashpoint potential, and now an actual deity has been added to the mix. Is Savitar on The Flash in DC comics? The "god of speed" has a creepy look and quite the history.

In DC comics, however, Savitar was originally just a man. His name is unknown, but he was a fighter during the Cold War. While doing supersonic speed tests, his plane was struck by lightning. So, unless this is that actual Hindu god on the CW series, Savitar and Barry have a lot in common. In addition to gaining powers in this accident, he became obsessed with the concept of speed and was ultimately connected to the Speed Force. He became a cult leader, travels through time, and eventually started to steal speed from speedsters to gift to his followers, who were called the Thunderbolt Agents, instead. He can also give speed to inanimate objects and project force fields using his powers.

On The Flash, Savitar showed up just as Alchemy was revealed. In fact, he's the one pulling Alchemy's strings. Is this someone on The Flash that we know?

It could be Wally West. He is obsessed with becoming a speedster, at the moment. That twist would be devastating, but it would explain why he was so tempted by Alchemy's offer and cult-like status. Just taking a wild guess, it seems like this character might be connected to H.R. Wells. I'm not saying that the current hipster Wells that's palling around S.T.A.R. Labs is evil yet. He might be Savitar and not know it. This could be his villainous origin story. It would be a good parallel for how Caitlin fears the Killer Frost within her, as well.

Honestly, I find it comforting that in the comics, Savitar started out just as human as you or I. That makes him redeemable, or at least easier to fight on The Flash.

Image: Katie Yu/The CW; flashallens/Tumblr