‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Castmates Reunite For A Cheesy, Fun Reason — VIDEO

Once you are finished with your daily chore of chucking casserole into your pet llama’s pen, why don’t you go ahead and unwind by watching a new TV spot for a fast food chain? You earned it, gosh. A dozen years after Napoleon and Pedro first appeared on the silver screen, actors Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez have reunited for a delightful advertisement. As TMZ reports, the two Napoleon Dynamite co-stars are in a new Burger King Cheesy Tots commercial. And yes, the BK Cheesy Tots commersh is freakin' sweet.

In the advert, Pedro and tot-obsessed Napoleon post up in a Burger King dining room booth, talk about tots, and dig into the cheese tots before them. (Er, technically, Napoleon digs into the tater tots as Pedro wonders why he just sat there as his so-called friend snatched all of the cheesy confections right off his tray. That Pedro sure is patient.) Also? Why didn't Napoleon "Number One Tater Tot Fan" Dynamite order any Cheesy Tots to begin with? Seems like he just wanted to troll Pedro from the jump. If I was Pedro, I would take a page out of Nap's book and tell him to find his own tots, gosh.

Nap Dyna on YouTube

This BK hangout session is not Heder and Ramirez's first reunion. In 2014, the Napoleon Dynamite cast got together to celebrate the hit indie comedy’s 10-year anniversary and welcome a bronze Napoleon statue to the Fox lot. My prediction/dream: the 20-year anniversary involves a bronze statue of a tater tot.

You can watch Napoleon and Pedro bond over some BK Cheesy Tots here:

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to put those Cheesy Tots in a cargo pant pocket and see what happens. Will they get all over the cargo pocket? They just might. But that is the risk you must take when you save piping hot, cheese-filled potato nuggets for later.

Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures