Kim Kardashian Attacked by Elephant While Taking One Wild Selfie — PHOTO

Kim Kardashian's tour through Thailand has so far been as controversial as her recent Vogue cover with Kanye West. All right, nothing could be as controversial as that, but Kardashian has continued to make headlines due to the pictures she's been taking on her trip. The last note-worthy selfie she posted featured her lounging on the steps of a Buddhist temple and her most recent selfie is either a bit of bad luck or fast-acting karma. According to US Weekly, Kardashian was trying to take a photograph with an elephant last Friday when it spooked her with air blown from its trunk. She ran from the elephant in a panic, though the only thing hurt during the attack was her pride.

Kardasian is in Thailand with the rest of the family filming the next season Keeping Up With the Kardashians and she's been keeping a photodocumentary of the filming process on her Instagram. As far as we know, this is the first and only time any of her selfies have had such an alarming interruption, but who knows? The animal kingdom isn't necessarily immune to the Kardashian craze. That could have been the elephant's way of asking for an autograph or maybe getting an exclusive on whether or not her wedding will be catered by Burger King. Hell, maybe the elephant was trying to take a selfie of its own before Kim K ran away and ruined the shot.

The real question of the day is why the selfie hasn't been put up on Kardashian's Instagram yet. Did she ever get to take it? Or were the memories associated with the picture too embarrassing to share with the rest of the world? In the case of the latter, it's a little too late for that.

Image: US Weekly/Twitter