Barry Came Clean About Flashpoint To Team Legends & Team Arrow On 'The Flash' Crossover Event

In night two of The CW's massive four-show Arrowverse crossover event, Barry brought together Team Flash, Team Arrow, Team Legends, and Supergirl to fight aliens, and it was about as awesome as you'd expect. The aliens, known as the Dominators, landed in Central City in "Invasion!" and pushed Barry to create this super friends team-up, and that meant Barry had to come face to face with friends he hadn't seen since altering the timeline. Barry came clean about Flashpoint on The Flash crossover, which had some interesting consequences for Digg and Professor Stein.

Barry has done a pretty great job of keeping Flashpoint (aka: how he went back in time, changed the timeline, and altered the lives of everyone on Earth 1) to himself, but it all came out in the second installment of the Supergirl x Flash x Arrow x Legends of Tomorrow crossover event, Heroes v Aliens. After getting the teams together, Professor Stein and Jefferson took Barry and Oliver aside to deliver a secret message. They found a recording on the Waverider sent from Barry 40 years from now, warning about the changed timeline and telling them not to trust anyone, including him. Oliver told Barry not to tell the rest of the team, saying they could only deal with "one sci-fi problem" at a time, but Barry ended up coming clean about Flashpoint after Cisco found the recording.

Of course, Barry telling Team Arrow and Team Legend about Flashpoint didn't really help them all come together as one, big, superhero family. He admitted that his actions had consequences that included the erasing of Digg's daughter (RIP Baby Sara) and the death of Cisco's brother. Needless to say, Digg and the rest of the team were not pleased, especially Sara and Ray, who were angry with Barry's cavalier attitude towards changing the timeline for himself. Oliver was shockingly understanding, telling Barry that he would have done the same thing. And he means it. When Barry offers to sit their first fight with the Dominators out, Oliver stays with him in a show of support while the rest of the team goes in. (This turns out to be a good thing, as the Dominators take over their minds, but that's another story.)

Meanwhile, Professor Stein starts having weird memories of a baby and a woman he doesn't know, only to find that woman in his house calling him Dad. It looks like whatever Barry did when he changed the timeline altered Stein's life in a major way, and it's changing Stein's memories right before our eyes! (Hopefully there will be more of this on this week's Legends of Tomorrow.)

Clearly, we haven't seen the true extent of the consequences from Flashpoint.

Images: Dean Buscher/The CW; valeriemperez/tumblr