Chrissy Teigen Gets The Perfect Birthday Instagram

by Daniela Cabrera

It is a pretty well-known fact that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are one of the cutest celebrity couples in all the land, and they have never really held back in showing just how in love they are with each other. If you're looking for #relationshipgoals, they are a living and breathing example. So, naturally, when it comes to a special event, they do not keep their feelings to themselves. On Wednesday, Legend posted birthday photos for Teigen and pretty much wrote the primer on ideal birthday messages for the one you love.

I know that it's a bold statement to make, but being that Legend is a multiple Grammy Award-winning songwriter, the man certainly does have a way with words. Legend celebrated Teigen's birthday with two beautiful birthday posts on Instagram that will make anyone swoon. In his first message, Legend chose a gorgeous picture of his wife and wrote the caption,

Happy birthday to my queen. You are beautiful, bright, funny, passionate and so inspiring. Your presence makes my life and our world so much better. I LOVE YOU!

OK, there is a lot to unpack here. What really stuck out to me was that he wrote how much he enriches her life and how she strives to do the same for the world. Seriously, who doesn't want to hear that?

The couple is off on a Mexican getaway to celebrate her birthday, so Legend also took his birthday proclamations beyond an Instagram caption and actually wrote a message out in the world for all to see:

Teigen is pictured posing by a giant "Happy Birthday Chrissy" in the sand, and I have no doubt Legend had a big hand in putting that together for her. There is not much to say beyond the fact that Legend is the ultimate romantic and proves, time and time again, that he loves to support and celebrate his wife.

I mean, even since her husband wrote "All Of Me" all about her, I think it's safe to assume Teigen can expect beautiful messages from her husband for the rest of her life. Lucky!