11 'Gilmore Girls' Accessories For Anyone Who Refuses To Leave Stars Hollow Behind

If you've already watched the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life series, you may be experiencing some withdrawal by now. Luckily, there are plenty of Gilmore Girls accessories for you to cop and pretend like it's not really over. In fact, you might even need these accessories to show your true loyalty and devotion to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

It makes sense that there's be an entire universe of accessories for Gilmore Girls fans — the show is a universe in and of itself. With the release of the Netflix miniseries, fans got plenty follow-up to unanswered questions from the show, and they also got some serious cliffhangers to contend with.

Whether you're using these Stars Hollow themed items simply to promote your never ending love of the show, or to start a heated debate about who Rory should end up with, that's up to you. If you're already missing the show, let these accessories (including some seriously cute Luke's Diner earrings) soothe your pain. With these items, you can pretend that Stars Hollow lives on forever.

1. Rory And Lorelai Earrings

Rory And Lorelai Earrings, $10, etsy.com/thefoxyhipster

If you're not one for faffing about with quotes or symbols, these earrings will represent your love of the Gilmore Girls simply and effectively.

2. In Omnia Paratus Cuff Bracelet

In Omnia Paratus Cuff Bracelet, $16.04, etsy.com/thelittlehomebird

Pretend you're a member of the Life And Death Brigade at Yale with this nifty aluminium bracelet.

3. Luke's Diner Earrings

Luke's Diner Earrings, $7.65, etsy.com/whileshewasdreaming

These wooden coffee cup earrings will look cute even to those who don't know Gilmore Girls.

4. "Where You Lead, I Will Follow" Friendship Necklaces

Stamped Friendship Necklaces, $53, etsy.com/anniepants

Stamped on sterling silver, this is the perfect gift for your equally Gilmore Girls obsessed BFF.

5. Gilmore Girls Charms

Gilmore Girls Charms, $13, etsy.com/pintsizedpolymershop

Hang these off a necklace, from your charm bracelet or even off your Christmas tree — the possibilities are endless.

6. Luke's Diner Pin

Luke's Diner Pin, $8. etsy.com/yousillyduffer

Pins are the ultimate way to accessorize your bag or jacket with things you care deeply about — Luke's Diner being at the top of that list.

7. Team Jess, Dean Or Logan Button Pack

Team Jess, Dean or Logan Button Pack, $5, etsy.com/shopgoldengems

Who do you think Rory Gilmore should end up with? Let the world know with a button.

8. Honorary Gilmore Girls Pin

Gilmore Girls Pin, $10, etsy.com/rhubarbpaperco

Another awesome pin to add to your collection to celebrate your love of this show and your love of coffee.

9. Luke's Diner Scarf

Luke's Diner Scarf, $20, etsy.com/bellabscustomts

Wrap up warm this winter with the perfect scarf for a Gilmore Girl's fan.

10. Chilton Iron On Patch

Chilton Iron On Patch, $8, etsy.com/jennisprints

It's a very good school, you know.

11. Lorelai And Rory Collage Badge

Lorelai And Rory Collage Badge, $1.50, etsy.com/dropkickqueen

Because there's no such thing as owning too many badges.

Now go forth and be the best dressed person in Stars Hollow, wear your scarf while you grab a coffee from Luke, and proudly display your pin collection on your Chilton school uniform. With these accessories, the world of Gilmore will never leave you.

Images: Courtesy Brands