15 Bookish Stocking Stuffers For The Readers In Your Life

Shopping for the perfect holiday gifts for the book lovers in your life doesn’t just stop once that pile of thoughtfully selected and carefully wrapped books is stacked tall beneath your Christmas tree — now it’s time to think about your next bookish act of generosity: finding stocking stuffers that book lovers will love too. And I’ll give you a little hint: books usually don’t fit inside Christmas stockings (and a sock full of literature is definitely too heavy to hang from the mantle,) so you’re going to have to get a tad more creative as you’re filling the stockings of all the readers in your life this holiday season. The good news is it’s easy to find tons of stocking-sized, book-inspired gifts that any reader will totally obsess over: from literary candles and poetry-inspired jewelry, to major bookmark upgrades and Harry Potter-themed anything. And the mini, bookish gifts on this list are so cute and cool, you’ll find yourself adding them to your own holiday wish list (like I totally did.)

Get ready to over-stuff those stockings with gifts that will rival even the regular-sized presents you give out this year. Check out these 15 stocking stuffers that any reader will love.

1. Pride And Prejudice Quote Pencils

Pride and Prejudice Quote Pencils, $17, Etsy

The Pride and Prejudice obsession will never end (but who would want it to, really?) These handmade pencils feature five of the most famous quotes from Jane Austen's celebrated novel, and are a must-have stocking stuffer for classic lit lovers.

2. Banned Books Socks

Out Of Print Clothing Banned Books Socks , $10, Amazon

Support for reading banned books isn't just limited to bookshelves anymore. These banned books socks — one featuring a list of banned classics and the other featuring the same titles, only redacted, are perfect for any bibliophile who loves letting people know they're all about the freedom to read.

3. Mini Library Candles

Mini Library Literary Sampler, $14, Hearth & Hammer

Each 5oz tea light in this stocking-stuffable collection of ten is inspired by a different work of classic literature, from On the Road to Wuthering Heights. There's even one infused with that unbeatable, old book smell.

4. Literary Tea Collection

Literary Collection Loose Leaf Tea, $12, Etsy

This literary tea collection features five samples of loose leaf tea, inspired by five different works of literature. Almond and Marzipan for Alice in Wonderland, Smoked English Breakfast for Sherlock Holmes, Currant and Black Spice for Jane Eyre... you get the idea.

5. Book Charm Necklace

Custom Book Charm Necklace, $29, Etsy

This made-to-order, custom book charm necklace is handmade from polymer clay and bronze tone charms and can be designed to resemble a favorite book cover — which, if you're anything like me, changes every day. So maybe order a few.

6. English Major Undies

English Major Women's Boy Briefs, $24, CafePress

Printed with the words "English Major: You Speak It, We Critique It" these bookish undies are way too cute to pass up. And they come in three different colors. I want.

7. Library Card Coaster Set

Out Of Print Library Coaster Set, $19, Amazon

The perfect place for setting down all those glasses of wine during that monthly book club meeting, this coaster set is printed to look just like library book checkout cards.

8. Book Lovers Buttons

Book Lovers Set of 10 Buttons, $5, Etsy

These buttons are meant to be pinned to the outside of a book-filled satchel. You know, like the one that book-lover in your life is always carting around. Get a randomly-selected (but don't worry, they're all book-nerd approved) set of ten bibliophile-inspired buttons.

9. Book Darts

Set of 50 Bronze Line Markers , $15, Amazon

Know someone who is constantly marking up their books with post-its and underlinings and highlights? Then these book darts (aka: bronze line markers shaped like arrows, much more durable than paper sticky notes) are the perfect gift for all their annotating needs.

10. Book-Inspired Mini Memo Pads

Dr. Seuss Mini Memo Pads , $11, Amazon

It doesn't get much cuter than these mini-memo pads, made to look like tiny versions of six classic Dr. Seuss titles. Definitely suitable for work.. especially if that work is in a library.

11. Grass Shaped Bookmark

Grass Shaped Sticky Page Marker, $10, Yuruliku

Step up your reader's bookmark game with these grass-shaped page markers. Use several at once, and it looks like grass is growing right out of their book — a little impractical, sure, but a must-have for some fun shelfies.

12. Book Covered Matchboxes

Book Covered Matchboxes (50 PC), $85, Etsy

These book cover-inspired mini matchboxes make me want to learn how to light a match without buring the tips of my fingers off... finally.

13. Personal Library Cards

Assorted Library Cards (50 PC), $8, Etsy

Perfect for anyone who likes to lend their personal library out to fellow readers, these library cards are a must-have for keeping track of who read what, when. (Or, if your book lover is more of a "hands off my reads" kind of gal, these make cute bookmarks too.)

14. Harry Potter Spell Pencils

Harry Potter Pencils Spells, $9, Etsy

A true Potterhead would never need a pencil to remind them which spell to use. But just in case you know someone who's been knocked flat by a Memory Charm, these Harry Potter pencils, engraved with all the classic spells, might be just what they need.

15. Vintage Typewriter Notecards

Vintage Typewriter Notecards (20 PK), $20, CafePress

Return to the romantic days of letter writing with these vintage typewriter notecards. Maybe your book loving bud will appreciate your stocking stuffers so much they'll write you a thank you note on one of these.

Images: shonamcq/Pixabay; Etsy(7); Out of Print(2); Hearth&Hammer; CafePress(2); Amazon(2); Yuruliku