'Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Kenya Moore Called 911 On Another Housewife, But Why?

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta produced hotel room brawls, juicy divorce drama, a battle between a fiancé and an overbearing future mother-in-law, along with the dissolution of yet another one of NeNe Leakes' lopsided friendships. With this season nearing its end, the release of a 911 call Kenya Moore placed at the recent reunion taping tells us that the reported brawl between Moore and co-star Porsha Williams must've been one for the record books-- criminal record books, that is. Even though Williams and Moore have a less-than-amicable relationship, Williams doesn't have an onscreen reputation for becoming physical. Since details are scarce for now, all we can do is speculate on what may have pushed Williams to her breaking point:

Moore's Ice Queen

Williams often finds herself on the receiving end of Moore's below-the-belt jabs but based on Williams' Housewives portrayal, she tends to become overly emotional, struggling to come up with a suitable comeback before heading for the nearest confrontation-free exit. Her lack of argumentative prowess proves no match for ice queen Moore, who generally remains dismissive and unmoved by any argument in which she is involved, even if it's one she started.

Williams Is Still Reeling From Her Divorce

Another factor that may have pushed Williams over the edge was Moore mentioning her recent divorce, in which Williams was famously shafted by her ex-husband Kordell Stewart. Throughout the season, Moore has shown that no subject is off-limits when it comes to taunting her costar, even referring to Williams as her ex-husband's beard. After a full season of Moore's pestering capped off by a non-existent divorce settlement, who could blame Williams for seething at the mention of the breakup?

Other Cast Members Encouraged Williams To Attack

This may sound like a middle school conspiracy, but unfortunately it describes basic Housewives behavior. There are two other cast members who probably watched in thinly-disguised schadenfreude as Williams allegedly dragged Moore by her hair during the reunion fight. One being NeNe Leakes, for whom Moore who famously organized a charity function-- without notifying her guest of honor. And then there is Phaedra Parks who on a recent episode threatened to slap Moore amid rumors that Moore shared an inappropriate relationship with Parks' husband Apollo.

Thus far, Williams has remained tight-lipped due to her contractual obligations. According to some reports, she has been fired from the show. Regardless of Williams' Housewives fate, we can't help but wonder if her outburst will prompt producers to reconsider the three-part reunion format and nix the presence of booze on the set. There's not enough info available to blame it on the alcohol just yet, but the audio of Moore's 911 call gives us at least a one-sided peek at what may have gone down during the scuffle:

Images: Bravo; WiffleGif; Wikia