The Best Kylie Cosmetics Gift Sets To Split With Friends So Everyone Can Get In On The Kylie Action

Nothing says holidays like limited edition gift sets, and there's pretty much nothing more exciting to Kylie Jenner fans than a Kylie Cosmetics holiday gift set. In case you missed Jenner's giant holiday collection release, she pretty much broke the internet with the amount of products she released just in time for the holidays.

If you're dying to get in on the Kylie Cosmetics mania but are trying to save up for Christmas or Hannukah gifts for your family and friends, splitting one of the Kylie Cosmetics holiday bundles is actually a great way to save money. When Jenner did her first big limited edition release, my friend and I split the birthday collection mini mattes. It actually ended up working out perfectly — we each got three of the mini matte liquid lipsticks, and we got to sample a good mix of Kylie products. There were two nude shades, two pinks and two reds in the kit, so we picked and chose based on what looked good on each of us.

Considering how well it worked out for me before, I'm a huge proponent of splitting one of Jenner's latest holiday bundles with one (or a few) of your friends. Here's the ones I think would be perfect to split.

1. Mini Mattes

Holiday Edition mini matte lip kits,

This one isn't a surprise, right? Jenner's holiday mini mattes are just as cute as her birthday collection ones, and you'd each get three of her warm winter shades. It's currently sold out, but it's likely to restock before the holidays.

2. Holiday Lip Bundle

4-piece Holiday Kit,

Want the full size lip kits? This four-piece set is perfect to split with a friend. You each get one matte and one gloss.

3. Merry or Vixen Bundle

The Vixen Bundle, $180,

The Merry or Vixen bundle is great to split with a friend who has opposite makeup taste to you — does one of you love a bold statement lip and the other love to play up their eyes with elaborate eye makeup? This is made for you to split. And the best part? You both get a lip kit ornament.

4. Holiday Box

The Holiday Box, $290,

Are you and your BFFs huge fans of Jenner's classic lip kits? This holiday box is made to split. Split with two friends, and you can each take a creme shadow and a couple liquid lipsticks. What could be better?

5. Holiday Collection Bundle

Holiday Collection Bundle,

Although this one is (currently) sold out too, it's the perfect collection to split with a group of friends. Round up your friends who love creme shadow, Kyshadow palettes and Kyliner and split the entire holiday collection in this bundle.

If you're looking to save money on Kylie Cosmetics, this is a great way to do it. An even better idea? Gift your friends some of the pieces and keep the rest for yourself — thrifty and sweet.

Images: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics