Where Can You Buy The Silisponge Makeup Sponge? Here's Where To Cop The Latest Makeup Obsession

If you have been keeping up with your beauty news lately, you may have caught a glimpse of the latest and strangest makeup obsession — the Silisponge. As its name suggests, this neat little contraption is a makeup sponge made of silicon, though it looks a lot more like a silicone breast implant or some clear colored Jello, if you ask me. If you're as intrigued by the unique product as I am, you may now be wondering — where can you buy the silicone sponge? Here is the 411.

The odd-looking applicator hails from Honk Kong and has arrived to make your makeup application routine a whole lot easier. The sponge reportedly requires just half the amount of foundation that you would typically need to use with a traditional facial sponge or brush — pretty cool, eh? According to Allure, the exterior portion of the tool is made from a special type of plastic that resists oil and grease, therefore sticking more foundation to your face than absorbing it into the sponge. Instead of winding up with a nude-colored sponge soaked in makeup, the Silisponge will remain crystal clear so there's no need to constantly replace it, saving you lots of money and time.

So, where can you snag this groundbreaking applicator? A brand called Molly Cosmetics is responsible for the Silisponge, and you can buy it right on their website: mollycosmeticsshop.com.

Silisponge, $14.90, mollycosmeticsshop.com

Due to the insanely high demand, the sponge is currently sold out (for the third time), but is available for pre-order, according to the site.

Wow. There is literally no product left on the sponge.

I'm not sure about you, but I'm dying to try out this bad boy.

Image: Molly Cosmetics