Aaron Paul's Birthday Surprise For His Wife Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See All Day — VIDEO

Hats off to Aaron Paul, who is probably the furthest thing from his Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman IRL. Instead of slinging meth from a van in the middle of the desert with Bryan Cranston, this guy is out there being the world's best husband. The proof is in the actor's latest Instagram vid, in which Paul surprises his wife Lauren Parsekian for her birthday — and the happily shocked look on her face says it all.

In the Insta video, which Paul uploaded on Wednesday, he and his wife are casually walking through the Hong Kong airport when a group of Parsekian's party-hat clad friends loudly begin singing "Happy Birthday" behind them. When Parsekian turns around to see who is singing, she is so stunned that she drops all her luggage, puts her hands to her mouth in shock, and staggers backwards. While one of her pals fits her with a party hat, she stands on in stunned silence, crying from the happy surprise. Aaron Paul then swoops in like the gallant hero he is, claps, and immediately envelops his wife in a hug and kiss. IT IS THE SWEETEST DARN THING YOU WILL SEE ALL DAY.

"Nothing beats having the greatest friends on the planet surprising your wife on her birthday in Hong Kong to head off to Thailand together for her birthday," Paul captioned the vid. "I love you so much my pretty little bird. So happy you were born. Also, Thailand, I love you so much already."

As sweet as Paul's actions are — and the look on Parsekian's face will tell you all that you need to know — it looks like he may have just been returning the favor of a birthday surprise. Over the summer, Parsekian stunned Paul with a birthday surprise of his very own: An out-of-town friend at his doorstep.

Not surprisingly, Paul Instagrammed a photo of his surprise guest, giving all thanks to his wife for pulling it off.

"My angelic goddess of a wife flew out one of my best friends to surprise me on my birthday," he wrote at the time. "Now I'm very hungover and extremely happy. Thanks Pretty!"

Cutest couple ever? I'd say so.