The 'Full House' Creator Buys The Tanner Family Home & Soon The Fandom May Be Able To Visit

While you might have been disappointed that you couldn't buy the Tanner family home when it hit the market back in May (it's hard to find $4 million to burn), we're glad to report that it's finally been sold to a fitting buyer. The real life Full House building has been purchased by Full House creator Jeff Franklin, making sure that the sitcom's legacy is well protected and put to use. And that starts with opening the doors to the Netflix sequel series Fuller House, and even us normals.

"We would take advantage of the fact that I now own the house, and we could go up there and shoot some new footage and maybe bring the cast up and shoot with them up there," Franklin told Hollywood Reporter. True, the next generation tale of the Tanners still has yet to be renewed for a third season — the second season debuts December 9 — but, considering how quickly the it was renewed the first time around, it's looking good for use.

And this would be a big win for Franklin and the show, since certain shots had to be repurposed ad nauseum during Full House's initial run. "No one has allowed us to shoot in that house since we did our very first stock shoot back in April of '87," Franklin said. "Our audience has watched the same cars drive by that house now for 29 years."


But that's not the only treat for the audience. He says that, in between shooting, he'd like to rent out the Full House. The details are still a bit hazy, but he believes it would be "a shame to let it sit empty." So, hopefully some day soon, you too can fill it up with your three daughters, brother-in-law, his wife, his children, your random hanger-on Bullwinkle-impersonating bestie, your daughter's obnoxious bestie, and a dog. You know, after Franklin is done making the indoors look like the original Tanner family house, which is a work in progress.

And don't worry: he's already started outdoor renovations for you fair weather fans visiting San Francisco, trying to get a good exterior shot. He's repainted the door red after it endured a brief, sacrilegious stint in seafoam green, so you can really relive those opening credits "There are probably 250 fans per day that show up and take a picture in front of it. It will be a lot more fun for the fans because now the house will look like the Tanners really live there," he said. "It's a gift to the fans but it's also fun for me to own it."

I'll certainly take that gift with open hands, and am excited that the full house is letting all of us barge in, Gibbler style.

Images: Netflix; Giphy