Cop New Ultra Matte Lippies From ColourPop

by Augusta Statz

If pretty much everyone on your list isn’t getting the gift of ColourPop this season, then you’re definitely not as obsessed as I am. This brand makes it hella hard to pass up the chance to purchase their products. You’re going to want to find out how to shop ColourPop’s new Ultra Matte Lip shades so you can get in on the amazingness this brand has to offer.

On top of their incredible Holiday 2016 Collection, the brand’s released four new matte lippies, but they’re super exclusive. You can’t just go on the site and add these babies to your cart just yet, because for now, they’re only part of a special promo. Starting at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Dec. 2 you can get these lip products when you spend $10 or more.

According to the brand’s Instagram, you get one free lipstick when you spend $10, two free lippies when you spend $25, three free when you spend $40 and all four for free when you spend $50. So, get those wallets ready because you’re not going to want to miss out on the limited time offer. The shades are named after days of the week. They range from everyday nude to deep dark red. There’s a shade to suit all of your moods, depending on what day it is!

What better news could come on a Friday? Start your weekend off right by shopping some ColourPop!

These shades definitely describe my week. Mondays are rushed, and I need a shade to complete my "no makeup" look. On Wednesday it's time to celebrate (it is hump day, after all) so a pop of pink is great! Thursday I need a fun color to as a little pick-me-up to remind me it's almost Friday. And by Saturday, I'm ready for an ultra glam night out. That's the perfect time for a dark red pucker, of course!

If you're loading up that cart right now, I can't say I blame you!

Hot To Trot Lippie Set, $18, ColourPop Cosmetics

It's not hard to spend $10 or more on the ColourPop site, especially when you get so much bang for your buck. Shop any of their value sets and wind up with free lippies, too. This is just too good to be missed!

This offer will only be around "while supplies last," according to the brand's Instagram post, so be sure to rack up on the ColourPop website while you can still score a free Ultra Matte Lip (or four) with your purchase.

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1)