Trump's Tie Is Being Held Together With Tape

Look at the above photo. Take it in carefully. What do you see? Do you see our president-elect fearlessly battling a windy day so he can address the fine people of this country on his victory tour? If that's what you're getting out of this, look closer, because all I can see is tape. Apparently, Donald Trump has been holding together his tie with Scotch tape, and Twitter absolutely cannot handle it.

On his way to save Carrier in Indiana (sorta) on Thursday, Trump was sporting his signature red power tie. But a gust of wind as he was disembarking a plane with Vice President-elect Mike Pence revealed the truth: Trump's tie was being held together by tape.

OK, we've all been there. Last minute wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us, but this is the future leader of the free world, y'all. We can't have him gallivanting around with tape on the back of his tie like an intern going in for a big interview in a borrowed suit. No one in that plane had a tie clip that they could loan him? Really?

Twitter, predictably, went nuts as the photo made its rounds on the Internet, because it's just too good not to weigh in on. Here are some of the best responses.

Comparisons To Our Democracy

Yup. The future of our country lies in the hands of a dude who fixes things with Scotch tape. I don't think it would work on America, though.

Mr. Fix-It

But hey, who's to say that Scotch tape could mend geo-political fractures?

A Man Of The People

Listen, if I am expected to wear heels to work, the least you can do is get a tie clip.

A Telling Sign

Presumably he gets this stuff for free.

Not everyone was horrified by this questionable sartorial choice, though. Many people were quick to note that they had no issues with the president-elect getting crafty with his tie, or insisting that the U.S. president's tie tricks weren't actually news.

Regardless, I'm going to need Melania or someone to intervene here. Christmas is around the corner, and I've got a free idea for the Trump family Christmas list: tie clips. Hide them everywhere, so never again will our president-elect need to resort to tape before making public appearances.