Michael Strahan's Move to 'Good Morning America' Is a Positive Step in White-Washed TV

Move over Seacrest, there's a new overachieving superhost around. Live With Kelly & Michael's Michael Strahan's headed to Good Morning America for a co-hosting position — and he's not leaving Live to do it. Or his Fox NFL Sunday sports analyst gig. We're tired just thinking about it.

The ex-footballer took over co-hosting gigs with Kelly Ripa on Live in 2012, following the departure of longtime co-host Regis Philbin. He spoke on-air with Ripa about the new gig, which he found out about upon exiting a Captain America: The Winter Soldier screening and checking his phone:

You know what, I read the papers, I am [taking the gig]! But this is what I do, this is me. This is my home right here, like, I love you. So no matter what, I go nowhere. This is my love. You are my love. This is my job. So don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here on Live, Okay?

Ripa then made reference to how much caffeine he's going to need.

Despite how lazy it makes us all feel, though, it's always nice to add some color to TV's seemingly endless array of talk/news shows. The fact that his black face may eventually wind up as many places as Seacrest's very white (albeit lightly bronzed) face brings us joy. Add to that the fact that he's a cheery and delightful person we love seeing on our TV screens every morning is even better.