Twitter Mocks Bruno Mars' Height At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Instead Of Focusing On His Great Performance

Sigh. Okay, you guys, I get it — Bruno Mars is not the tallest of guys on this planet, and when standing next to the very, very statuesque models of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, he looks downright diminutive. But who cares, really? Instead of focusing on his danceable performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Twitter focused more on Bruno Mars’ height. Aren’t we past this already?

Mars and his bevy of backup dancers/singers (Are they in his band? Are they part of a group? I don’t know the rules here) brought the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show house down Paris with their renditions of “Chunky” and “24K Magic,” both tunes off his new album, 24K Magic. Though I loved Lady Gaga’s soulful and kind of melancholy “Million Reasons,” Bruno Mars music is the music that a model needs to walk down the runway to. It was so clear how much fun everyone was having (even the audience) when Mars and the gang were performing, and instead, some of the audience at home (at least from what I could see on Twitter) was making fun of how short they think he is, how the models could stomp on him, how he was wearing taller heels than Lady Gaga (which is not only untrue but I think literally impossible because she had on like eight-inch platforms).


Does Bruno Mars’ height matter at all? Not in my book. Frankly, it’s just a different kind of body shaming, and I know that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show isn’t the most inclusive of programs, but why are we even going there? Instead, I focused on the music, danced on my couch, and embraced people on Twitter who did the same, like this.

I don't personally care what my artists look like as long as they make me dance. There are enough bad things in this world, and focusing on mean minutia like someone's height or weight or whatever isn't going to make you or me happy, so let it go, people.

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