11 Hopeful Tweets For Joe Biden If He Runs For President In 2020

What do draftbiden2020.com, biden2020.net, and runjoerun2020.com all have in common? They're all super enthusiastic responses to the news that Joe Biden is considering a 2020 presidential run. That'd be VPOTUS himself, your main man, the VP of all VPs, Joe Biden.

Beloved by many on the left and probably disliked by fewer than Hillary Clinton or even President Obama on the right, Biden lives in a world of internet memes and awkward jokes. And therefore, when he makes a move like announcing a presidential run, many can't help but tweet out a response like the ones below.

Even the circumstances of his comments on running were rather funny. He was in the Senate, his stomping ground for decades, when he commented on how he loves the place. A reporter then asked the obvious follow-up, "Are you going to run again?" To which Biden said, "Yeah, I am. I am going to run in 2020." "For?" the reporter asked, to which Biden broke out his usual bluntness that's either charming or not, depending on your views: "For president. And also, what the hell man, anyway." Clearly that's the only path he sees for himself in elected office at this point. Here are some other takes on his announcement.

1. The Biden Electoral Map

Given Clinton's popular vote win and Electoral College failure, it's important to see how Biden would stack up against Trump. There's no contest when you work in a waffle cone.

2. Priorities

Not to temper the excitement, but some are focused on keeping their heads in the game in the upcoming races.

3. Ready To Go

That said, Biden is pumped to get this 2020 show on the road.

4. Some Are Hesitant

The Al Gore comparison seems a bit extreme, though.

5. But Others Really Want Him To Run

Like really want him to run.

6. Potential Running Mate

But who would be on the ticket as the comedian?

7. This Could Bode Well For A Biden Win

Biden can surely make the case that he was the best VP ever — whether or not that happens.

8. He Just Can't Quit America

And if that means living to 2050, so be it.

9. He's Here To Save Us From You-Know-Who

But seriously, save us.

10. What's With The Ageism, Folks?

We seemed to be going in the direction of more and more diverse presidents, fighting racism and sexism. Sadly that didn't work out. But let's not forget ageism is a thing, too — and Trump doesn't deserve to break that ceiling.

11. I Hope This Isn't An Overreaction

Given how Biden speaks off the cuff, who knows if this will stick. He may decide not to or find another passion in these next couple years.

But here's hoping.