2017 Grammy Nominations Memes & Jokes

On Tuesday morning, the 2017 Grammy nominations were announced on CBS and on Grammys.com, which means that soon after the 2015 Grammy nominations memes and jokes were announced by the hardworking (and apparently totally available at 8 in the morning) users of Twitter. Hey, people have to let their happiness/annoyance/frustration/can't-wait-to-see-Beyoncé feelings out somehow, don't they? And editing photos of famous singers or writing snappy captions underneath them is a pretty standard way of dealing with your emotions in 2016.

When the 2017 Grammys arrive in February, in the major categories it's going to be a face-off between Adele and Beyoncé, meaning, one, I've never been more pumped for the Grammys (People I actually like! Woohoo!), and two, people who are fans of anyone other than Adele and Beyoncé are probably feeling pretty bummed right now. Not only did they take the slots that could've been filled by other artists, but, like, come on, do the other people nominated in categories with Adeleyoncé really have a shot? Methinks not. And if you're a big fan of, say, Justin Bieber or Rihanna, you already have to face some facts two months before the actual show — facing facts is easier if you can laugh about them.

Thus, the Grammys memes and jokes below! You're welcome. (Unless you're a Selena Gomez fan. The one about her is genuinely pretty sad.)

Selena's Grammys

It'll happen one day, Selena!

When You Love Chance...

and also think you figured out The Chainsmokers' method to success.

Drake's Preparation

I assume "Controlla" is also playing on repeat in the background.

"Little Ponytail Legend"

I think this person is being sincere, but "little ponytail legend out there" was too good to pass up.

Adele & 'Yoncé Fans Know What's Up

But for real though...


Even if you don't speak Spanish you can probably tell what's going on here. (FYI, it's "Demi Lovato has no talent. She'll never get a nomination." And, yes, Lovato got a nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album.)

Britney Fans Are Not Happy

Or... are they? They aren't? Their emotions are a mess right now. You'll have to excuse them.

Re: The Nomination For "Broccoli"

I still love that his name is Lil Yachty, TBH.

Now, we just have to wait and see the jokes that come in during the actual Grammys on Feb. 12. Don't let us down, Twitter.