Fiona Apple's Christmas Parody Song About Donald Trump Is The Gift The World Needed This Year — VIDEO

There is something special about Fiona Apple. She is a brilliant singer-songwriter who truly lives by her own rules. She is a precious gift to us all and she must always be protected... and I can keep going on and on about her. After what seems like a lifetime away from the spotlight, Apple emerged to give us a new Christmas parody song in the most Fiona Apple way possible. The song features anti-Donald Trump lyrics sung to the melody of "The Christmas Song." This is certainly the pre-Christmas gift we deserve during these trying times.

Apple is known for her incisive lyrics about being a scorned and hurting lover, and, well, she perfectly encompasses many Americans' emotions in a world post-election, which left many of us also feeling very scorned and hurt. The song appeared on the Tumblr page, Fiona Apple Rocks, but there's no word yet as to where the video was posted originally (Bustle has reached out to Apple's rep for comment, but has not yet received a response).

True to her poetic form, Apple sings in her iconic vibrato, opening up with the lyrics,"Trump’s nuts roasting on an open fire, as he keeps nipping at his foes." This is probably not a song you can play at your family holiday parties this year, but one that anyone disheartened by Trump can truly enjoy. Plus, it's Fiona Apple, so it will always sound perfect!

A day before the audio of the song was posted, the Fiona Apple Rocks Tumblr also posted a video of Apple singing "Trump's Nuts Roasting On An Open Fire".

Apple's dog is heard barking off in the distance, clearly unaware of the gift that his human was about to give us, but like almost everything she has written, I fully appreciate it. Apple ends the video by ripping up a photo of Trump, perhaps as a nod to Sinead O'Connor, who infamously ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live, making a political statement that caused a lot of controversy.

Maybe Apple isn't going for that extreme of a statement, but she has only ever written songs from her heart, and, well, I venture to say many people share her sentiments.