How To Make Non-Alcoholic Eggnog & Add Your Own Personal Twist

Let me guess, you clicked this because you love eggnog, but fear that eggnog is impossible to make — but it's not true! Learning how to make non-alcoholic eggnog is pretty simple. Get ready to make your very own batch of authentic non-alcoholic eggnog.

Wait, eggnog in the store isn't authentic? Um, yeah. That store-bought eggnog you what you may be used to enjoying every holiday season actually isn't real eggnog. Eggnog is supposed to have numerous eggs in one batch, but the FDA only allows commercially sold eggnog to have one percent of egg. So forget the commercial stuff; you deserve the real thing!

The essentials include eggs, milk, heavy cream, sugar, and cinnamon or nutmeg for garnish. The yolks of the eggs are divided and then whisked with sugar, adding the heated milk and cream slowly as you mix. Once poured, the small bowl of egg whites and the large eggnog mixture bowl are placed in the fridge for a bit. Now keep in mind, eggnog without alcohol only keeps for about a day. The amount of alcohol in a batch of eggnog will in return help the eggnog to stay good for longer periods of time. So if you’re making a non-alcoholic batch, make sure to consume it that very same day.

Once refrigerated for about an hour, whisk the egg whites until they are frothy and fold them into the eggnog mixture. Eggnog is typically served with a garnish of nutmeg or cinnamon on top. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, here are a few other ways you can enjoy that cup of eggnog (including vegan and dairy-free recipes).

The Vegan

Okay it probably sounds weird, since eggs are an essential eggnog ingredient, but this recipe by Tori Avery is for all of you vegans out there who still want that eggnog-gy flavored goodness.

The Peppermint

Take that cup of eggnog and add it with a few scoops of peppermint ice cream for a minty delicious treat by The Merrythought! Chop up some candy canes to add around the rims of your mason jars – a perfect festive drink for your upcoming holiday shindig.

The Peppermint Vegan

Can’t have the peppermint? Well enjoy this vegan version of peppermint eggnog by Oh She Glows. It requires a few extra ingredients than normal eggnog, which includes almond milk, coconut milk, an avocado, and a banana.

The Dairy-Free

Allowed to have the eggs, but not the dairy? Here’s a simple alternative by The Healthy Foodie using almond and coconut milk. It also calls for a bit of maple syrup!

The Coconut ‘Coquito’

This drink actually originates from Puerto Rico back in 1898 after the United States took it over. It’s a version of eggnog that also calls for coconut milk. It’s meant to be a boozy drink, but you can easily skip the booze from this recipe by The Kitchn for your coquito if you wish.

The Latte

Forget spiking eggnog with alcohol when you can spike it with two shots of espresso. If you’re looking to enjoy that morning cup of jo with your eggnog, this latte recipe by Savory Sweet Life is exactly what you need.

The Chai

Not a coffee person? Make a chai tea version instead! This particular recipe by Averie Cooks makes the eggnog a thicker smoothie consistency.

The Mint Milkshake

If you’re particular about the different tastes of peppermint and mint (and would prefer not to make a peppermint milkshake), then this mint milkshake by What's Cooking Love will do just the trick! Feel free to even add bits of chocolate in it.

The Egg-less Milkshake

Scared of drinking eggs? That’s totally understandable – so this milkshake by Cookie & Kate is going to be your new best friend. It simply calls for vanilla ice cream, milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon.

However you choose to enjoy your eggnog this year, raise a glass and toast yourself for making it like a true holiday champ!

Images: Tori Avery, The Merrythought, Oh She Glows, The Healthy Foodie, The Kitchn, Savory Sweet Life, Averie Cooks, Whats Cooking Love, Cookie & Kate, Food Fanatic