We've Just Found Your New Springtime Anthem

by Alex Kritselis

Forget about the song of the summer, we should be concerned about finding the song of the spring. Don’t worry, I’ve got an excellent contender: new pop duo Wrathschild’s “Fall Into Love.” It’s soaring, it’s bold, it’s catchy, it’s epic — it’s all of the things a proper debut single should be. Oh, and it also happens to be springtime in a song! Glorious.

Wrathschild is made up of longtime friends Simon Curtis and a woman who simply goes by the name, “Wolfy.” Interesting. After spending some time working on their respective solo careers, the two decided to team up in January of 2012 on a secret project with producer Ray Reich. Details of the pair’s new venture were scarce for a while, but they finally broke their silence last week with the premiere of “Fall Into Love” — and I’m so glad that they did.

“Fall Into Love” is a sparkling duet that finds Curtis and Wolfy longing to be romanced in the right way. They want “the real thing.” No, they’re not looking for boring dinner dates and nights spent at home watching TV on the couch. They want big, daring, go-for-broke gestures of love — the stuff you see in classic 80’s movies like Say Anything. (C’mon, who among us hasn’t fantasized about John Cusack holding a boom box over his head outside their bedroom window?) The duo's voices blend beautifully on the buoyant chorus as they sing:

Let’s fall into love tonight,

Come and scoop me up in your ride,

It’ll be like in the movies,

With your bass pumpin’ in the night (outside my window),

Let’s fall into love tonight…

You know that feeling you get in the spring, when the grass turns green and everything around you suddenly looks like it’s being broadcast in Technicolor? It’s amazing. That’s the feeling Wrathschild have tapped into with “Fall Into Love.” What was once dead is alive again and the world feels like it’s full of possibilities. Romantic possibilities! I can’t wait to blast this springtime jam in my Civic with my sunglasses on and the windows down. I will be the coolest kid in town.

Check out "Fall Into Love" via Wrathschild's official Soundcloud below! The song is also available on iTunes now. Stay tuned for more awesome music from this up-and-coming duo!

Image: @Wrathschild/Twitter