'Scream Queens' Unmasks Another Green Meanie

OK, there are a lot of Green Meanies roaming the halls of the C.U.R.E Institute so let's briefly recap. In episode 6, we learned that Dr. Cassidy Cascade (the son of the hospital patient who was murdered in 1985) and Nurse Hoffell (the sister of Agatha Bean) were behind the masks. But, there was a third killer at large and neither Cascade nor Nurse Hoffell had any idea who he or she was. In the Dec. 6 episode "Rapunzel, Rapunzel," viewers learned that Wes is the third Green Meanie on Scream Queens, proving that murder tends to be family-motivated on this show.

Both Grace and Wes have been absent from Season 2, but the last time we saw them, things were going quite well. So, what the heck happened and why is Wes prepared to go on a killing spree? Although he's told the world that Grace is at Stanford University, it turns out that she's actually at Stanford Mental Institute and he blames the Chanels for her mental breakdown. So, he does what any reasonable father would do and heads to C.U.R.E. to systematically kill off the Chanels. Not to be judgmental or anything, but wouldn't his time be better spent taking care of Grace?

With two episodes left, we've been lead to believe that there are only three Green Meanies (although they all have different motives and this isn't exactly a well-coordinated revenge effort). Now that all three villains have been unmasked and their motives have been established, I certainly hope Ryan Murphy has a few twists and turns up his sleeve. Personally, I'm still holding out hope that Chad Radwell and Denise Hemphill will make triumphant returns.

It's certainly possible that there's a fourth Green Meanie out there — after all, Cascade, Nurse Hoffell, and Wes were all working alone, so there could definitely be someone else with an entirely different motive wearing the costume. Meanwhile, Zayday is the only person who knows that Cascade is one of the Green Meanies — but, unfortunately for her, Cascade's sister Jane drugged her and put her in a dungeon. (#ThrowbackTuesday) Wes unmasks himself to Chamberlain, but then stabs him to death — so our favorite super sleuthing duo is in rough shape, to say the least.

With so many people after the Chanels, it's anyone's guess how many of them will live to see Season 3.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX