Donald Trump's Tweets Dissing 'TIME' Magazine Before He Became Person Of The Year Show He's Only Happy When He Wins

Donald Trump is TIME's newest "Person of the Year," officially making 2016 the year the president-elect's face was indeed everywhere. But in the past, he has not been shy about being critical of the magazine's "Person of the Year" choices. Trump, who has been on the cover of TIME eight times this year alone, has since called being chosen "a very, very great honor" during an interview this morning on TODAY. And he probably really means it, having spent the past few years pouting about not having been chosen before. Much like when Trump flipped on his previous criticisms of the electoral college only after it helped him win, he is now applauding the choices of a magazine he publicly ridiculed in the past.

Over the next four years as president, Trump will likely change his mind on convictions he held strongly in the past. Just this morning he told TODAY's Matt Lauer that he actually "really likes" Barack Obama. (No word on if he still thinks Obama is "the worst president in the history of the United States.") But just because he changes his mind doesn't mean we shouldn't hold him accountable to statements (and tweets) he has made in the past.

In that spirit, here are various times Trump has dissed TIME Magazine, as well as their choice of "Person of the Year," in past years:

People On The Cover Of TIME Should Be Ashamed

Back in 2012, being on the cover of TIME equaled adulation from the liberal media. But Trump has done so eight times in the years since David Von Drehle's July 2012 cover profile of Chief Justice John Roberts. The president-elect certainly hasn't been feeling the media love despite all the liberal media exposure. Journalists and the media have been targets of his ire throughout his campaign

TIME "Lost All Credibility" in 2012

It's been a few years since Trump challenged TIME's credibility this explicitly, and since he's so honored to be the 2016 Person of the Year, surely he's had a change of heart. Just earlier this year he was urging followers to pick up a copy of his Jan. 2016 cover proclaiming "How Trump Won." That cover story was also by TIME editor-at-large Von Drehle.

TIME's "Sad End Is Coming" in 2013

Trump isn't in the magazine business anymore, so we can't expect him to have been able to predict that in 2016 TIME would still be going strong with a U.S. audience of over 16 million. This particular dis tweet came right after the magazine released its 2013 "100 Most Influential People" issue, from which Trump was once again excluded.

He Praised Bill O'Reilly's Editorial In 2015

This time last year Trump was peeved that German Chancellor Angela Merkel won the Person of the Year honor over him. And apparently so was Bill O'Reilly. Soon after the cover was released, O'Reilly made it the subject of a "Tip of the Day" segment on The O'Reilly Factor citing Trump's influence on the American political landscape. O'Reilly has yet to comment on TIME's choice this year.

TIME Would Never Pick Him

Despite claims to being the favorite, Bernie Sanders won the 2015 Person of the Year Readers' Poll. This year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi won with 18percent of the vote to Trump, Obama, and Julian Assange's 7 percent each.

One conclusion we can draw from many of Trump's past statements about TIME is that as far as the magazine goes, he can't predict anything. But considering how many times he has been on their cover before even being elected, we can probably expect many more TIME Trump covers in the coming months.