11 Hanukkah Sweaters To Grab This Season

Lots of people obsess over ugly Christmas sweaters at this time of year, but Hanukkah sweaters should get some love, too. While there might be fewer of them on the market, have no fear: There are some real gems to fill your heart with joy for all eight days of Hanukkah.

This roundup boasts some simple and chic designs to help you dress up without feeling like you're playing dress up, as well as a few witty Jewish puns that everyone in your family will appreciate. Warning: Some of these might not be suited for dinner with grandma, but your friends will love them.

If there's an ugly sweater theme at the staff holiday party and you don't celebrate Christmas, this list has you covered. It's also perfect for Jewish folks looking to stay cozy (while being a little cheeky at the same time). If you're not Jewish but have a friend who is, mazel tov: Your secret Santa exchange gift is already decided for you. Check out the adorable sweaters below.

1. Let's Get Lit Off Shoulder Sweater

Let's Get Lit Sweater (Available to 1x), $22 Etsy

A casual but cute look for any Jewish homegirl this season.

2. Challah Sweater

Challah Sweater (Available to XL), $54, Tipsy Elves

Let's be honest, everyone gets as excited about bread as this guy.

3. Light Up Hanukkah Sweater

Light Up Hanukkah Sweater (Available to 1x), $25, Target

Because everyone deserves knitwear that lights up in some way, shape, or form.

4. Oy Vey Sweater

Oy Vey Sweater (Available to 2x), $32, Modern Tribe

A unisex sweater, just in case you want to be matching with the whole squad.

5. The Night Before Sweater

The Night Before Sweater (Available to 1x), $65, Tipsy Elves

You're bound to know someone who loves Seth Rogen, loved that movie and would kill for this sweater.

6. Black Happy Hanukkah Sweatshirt

Black Happy Hanukkah Sweatshirt (Available to 5x), $31, Etsy

A cozy sweatshirt to wear while lighting the menorah.

7. Gelt Digger Sweater

Gelt Digger Sweater (Available to 1x), $65, Tipsy Elves

For those who love puns almost as much as they love Kanye West.

8. Dancing Dreidels Sweater

Ugly Hanukkah Sweater (Available to XL), $65, Tipsy Elves

Who wouldn't want a sweater with dancing dreidels on it?

9. Home Alone Sweater

Home Alone Sweater (Available to 2x), $30, Modern Tribe

The best twist on a movie quote ever.

10. Llamakah Ugly Holiday Sweater

Llamakah Sweater (Available to 1x), $25, Rue21

If you're asking yourself why, consider this: Why not?

11. Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel Sweater

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel Sweater (Available to 1x), $25, Target

A sweet, innocent kind of holiday sweater that you know your bubbe will absolutely adore.

Aren't these options kind of amazing? Stay warm this winter with one of these amazing sweaters that celebrates the Jewish holiday.

Images: Courtesy Brands