Nick's 'Bachelor' Contestants Love Dolphins

by Marenah Dobin

I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. The only way I would be more excited is if I was one of the contestants on the show, but my time will come — or at least I hope that it will. The next season doesn't premiere until the new year on Jan. 2, but there is some new information to entertain the fandom while we wait around for the new episodes. The names, photos, and biographies of Nick's 30 contestants have been released, and it seems like a lot of the Bachelor contestants have dolphins in common.

Yep, you read that right. I did say that "dolphins" were the commonality between a bunch of the women. That seems really weird and random to me, but maybe there's something to it. Is an obsession with dolphins something the casting directors were looking for? Does Nick have an affinity for the sea creatures? Is this a weird coincidence? I don't have the answers for you, but I did comb through all of the contestant information to notice that five of the ladies (so one-sixth of the women!) mentioned specifically that they have a love for dolphins.


I get why Alexis would mention dolphins in her biography since she lists her occupation as an "aspiring dolphin trainer." It's really not shocking that she said she would be a "dolphin or dog" when she was asked what animal she would like to be. Alexis didn't have an in-depth explanation, but she did say, "I love the ocean and dogs are very active!" Considering that a lot of the dates on this show involve some body of water, maybe this will give Alexis an advantage over the other contestants? We will have to wait until Season 21 airs to find out.


According to Angela's cast bio, she is a model who would also choose to be a dolphin if she could be any animal. Instead of just talking about how much she likes the animal or the ocean, she managed to turn her answer into a metaphor about her personality. Angela sees herself as a dolphin because "they are playful and sociable and live in family groups." Everyone who has watched Nick on TV over the years knows that he has a big family that is very important to him, so maybe a girl with a dolphin mentality would be a good fit to date the Bachelor?


I can see why Astrid would be into dolphins since her bio says that she is from Tampa, Florida, and I just assume that it's more likely for Florida natives to have dolphin interaction than people from other states. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but let's go with it for now. So, why does Astrid want to join the other aspiring dolphins in the cast? She wants to "rescue lost sailors and swim in the ocean doing tricks." This sounds like a well-rounded girl to me. She wants to help others and has no issue being in the spotlight, which is something a Bachelor winner would have to get used to.


Thanks to the website listing the women in alphabetical order by first name, Briana was the fourth person in a row to mention dolphins, so it didn't seem very original at this point. Thankfully, she had a slightly different answer compared to the rest of the ladies. Briana would be a dolphin to "breathe underwater, do flips, and be cute." Even though dolphins don't actually breathe underwater, I think I get what Briana was going for with this answer.


Lauren is also from Florida, so I'm just going to roll with my initial explanation of Florida natives appreciating dolphins. Aside from that, Lauren would be a dolphin "because they are so cute and smart and they get to live in such a beautiful environment, under the sea." I'm sure Nick would want to date a woman who is both cute and smart. I mean, who wouldn't? I can't really think of a way to translate living underwater into some sort of dating metaphor, but the rest checks out.

A (Possible) Dolphin On Night 1

Seeing as the cast bios were just released, there isn't a ton of information about the women that's readily available, but in this photo of the entire cast from the first night you can see that one of the ladies is dressed up as a dolphin. Maybe I'm blinded by my confirmation bias and the girl is a shark? It's hard to tell exactly what the costume is or identify the contestant wearing it, but the marine life seems to be a pretty prevalent theme in this cast.

Maybe I am looking for a common thread that isn't really there. After all, they were all asked the same question, so it isn't too outrageous for them to have the same answer. It will be interesting to see how all the dolphin enthusiasts fare this season. Will they make Nick's heart flip or will they end up looking for other fish in the sea? (Yes, I know a dolphin is not a fish. Don't kill my metaphor.)

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (6)