80-Year-Old Willard Scott Marries Longtime Girlfriend & They're Just the Cutest

When it comes to a wedding, there are basically three different kinds of engagements you could opt for. You could do a long engagement like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. You could do a much shorter engagement like Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry. You could just go ahead and do a shotgun wedding like the memorable one Britney Spears pulled off in 2004. The thing about being engaged — and about being married in general — is that it really doesn't change that much about a genuine relationship. That's how you can build an entire family without walking down the aisle, like Jolie and Pitt, or how you can get married at 80-years-old to your partner of 11 years like The Today Show contributor and former weatherman Willard Scott.

Scott and his girlfriend Paris Keena were married in Fort Myers, Fla., on April 1, which seems like the perfect set up for every wedding anniversary joke for the rest of all time. What other time can your spouse say "How could you forget our anniversary again!" and not be trying to pull a clever April Fools' day prank?

Scott and Keena first met in 1977 and have been together since 2003 before finally deciding to get married this year. They've currently even got Jolie and Pitt beat for the longest time spent dating without tying the knot. What would have been the rush anyway? Pictures of the couple are always affectionate and joyful, proving definitely that forever just isn't long enough for two people who are really in love. The one shared on The Today Show's twitter shows a couple so cute that it's almost ridiculous.

Fans and supporters have been taking to Twitter under the #CongratsWillard tag to congratulate the couple after the announcement was made on The Today Show this morning. Watch it below.