Brad Pitt's Request To Keep Angelina Jolie Divorce Details Private Is Denied By A Judge

According to a Wednesday report from E! News, Brad Pitt's request to keep the details of his divorce from Angelina Jolie private was denied by a judge after their attorneys met in court on Wednesday. Pitt filed an emergency hearing request to seal their divorce and custody documents as a way to keep their matters private, his lawyer, Lance Spiegel confirmed to E! News. Jolie's attorney, Laura Wasser, also confirmed to E! News that her client "won" after Pitt's request was denied.

With that said, Spiegel added that there is still a chance Pitt's request will be granted. At this time, Spiegel said the judge didn't view Pitt's filing as an "emergency action," but the judge also did not rule out the request altogether. Apparently, there will be another hearing in January, where Pitt will have another chance to make his and Jolie's divorce proceedings private.

On Wednesday, a source reportedly close with Pitt opened up to People about the Allied actor's request and said, "Angelina has consistently made public statements and public filings throughout this process. He has not. All he is saying — and any therapist would agree here — is that he wants to do what is in the best interests of his children, and his entire family, including her, frankly. And that is to keep this private." The same source continued, "It is inconceivable why anyone would argue against this being private. What is the argument for having it public? Why would you want any details about this incredibly difficult time to be broadcast to the whole world?"


Pitt and Jolie's divorce has been very public, including the details surrounding the custody of their children. In November, a rep for Jolie confirmed that Jolie has custody of all six kids and Pitt has "therapeutic visits" with them. (Bustle reached out to Pitt's rep about this statement, but did not receive a response.) On Monday, TMZ provided more alleged details about Pitt and Jolie's temporary custody agreement. After reportedly obtaining court documents submitted by Jolie and signed by a judge last Friday, TMZ reported that the documents state the "frequency and conditions of the therapeutic visitation" Pitt will have with his kids is determined by a psychologist, and that the former couple is required to partake in group therapy sessions with their children. Additionally, E! News and TMZ reported that, according to obtained documents, Pitt will attend therapy and submit to drug tests.(Bustle reached out to reps for Jolie and Pitt about this, as well, and did not receive a response.)