Gift Ideas For Every Astrological Sign On Your Holiday Gift Giving List

When I went in for this month's checkup with my preferred astrologist, Dr. (at least, I like to think of her that way) Susan Miller, I came across a link to the Astrology Zone gift guide based on each zodiac sign’s tendencies. I screamed with glee, and for a brief second all the dread I've been feeling thanks to 2016's... well, everything washed away. It was like for a moment. everything was right in the universe. I've missed that feeling so much this past month! So I rode the cosmic wave over to Etsy, as I generally do when I feel this great. Turns out they have so many super cute zodiac-based gifts! Since the holidays are right around the corner (and I wasn't opposed to extending my respite from our demagogue reality a little longer), I compiled this horoscope of present options by astrological sign. I mean, I didn't really have a choice, it felt like it was written in the stars. 

If, like me, your friends and loved ones are, A, tickled by the guilty pleasure of reading their horoscope and, B, don't take things too seriously (this one is crucial), they'll love to receive the following gifts that celebrate their star signs:

1. Capricorn

Being ruled by Saturn never looked so good.

Saturn Necklace, $50,

2. Aquarius

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius means she's definitely gonna need her coffee in the morning!

Aquarius Constellation Mug, $17.95,

3. Pisces

Your favorite Pisces will never have to fish for a compliment in these earrings.

Fish Bone Earrings, $36,

4. Aries

What Aries wouldn't feel extra bullish with this pendant their neck?

Aries Stained Glass & Pewter Pendant, $24.31,

5. Taurus

The wildest Taurus in the universe couldn't lock horns with such a delicate, darling necklace.

Taurus Constellation Necklace, $42,

6. Gemini

Get double bang for your buck with this sexy Gemini print tank.

Gemini Women's Racerback Tank Top, $18,

7. Cancer

Even the crabbiest Cancer on your list will be delighted with this antiqued astrological wall art.

Cancer Zodiac Wall Print, $15+,

8. Leo

You better believe this dope nerdy lion sweatshirt is king of the gift-giving jungle. Rawr! It's so rad, you can take a bite out of your holiday shopping list by buying it for non-Leos, as well.

Lion Professor Unisex Sweatshirt, $19.95+,

9. Virgo

Who wouldn't have a little zodiac pride if Nas was repping their sign?

Nas Come Chill With The Virgo Unisex T-shirt, $24.99,

10. Libra

A one size fits all scale that makes everyone feel great!

Libra Zodiac Sign Pendant, $13.75,

11. Scorpio

Your Scorpio will be looking like the badass that she is in this sleeveless constellation tank.

Scorpio Soul Sleeveless Shirt, $27,

12. Sagittarius

Aim to take over your Sag's breakfast nook with this brush painted mug.

Sagittarius Gold Foil Mug, $18.50+,

Images: Etsy (12)

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