Why Does Corny Sing "Ladies' Choice" In 'Hairspray Live!'? Derek Hough Took Center Stage In This Song — VIDEO

While my wish that "The New Girl In Town," which was written for the 2007 Hairspray movie, would be added to NBC's live musical adaption was ultimately not granted, Link Larkin's number from the movie was. "Ladies Choice" in Hairspray Live! was a fun addition that showcased Derek Hough's triple threat power, even though that's not exactly how you may remember it from the film. Yep, that's right, Derek Hough, aka Corny Collins, sung "Ladies Choice" instead of Link in the NBC musical.

In the movie, Zac Efron as Link performs the song at The Madison, a dance not part of the Corny Collins Show. With the help of her new friend Seaweed, it's there that Tracy catches the eye of Corny and Link and ultimately gets cast as a dancer on the show. The role of Link is played by Garrett Clayton in Hairspray Live! As Clayton played a character inspired by both Link Larson and a little bit Troy Bolton in the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie, this is appropriate casting. However, he didn't sing "Ladies Choice" this time around.

In Hairspray Live! it's Corny Collins himself sings it. "Ladies Choice" is the perfect opportunity for him to show off all his singing and dancing skills, if lacking in that signature Link Larson romantic charm. Why the change? Clayton only had this to offer on Twitter.

Fair enough. While this isn't exactly what viewers are used to, the lyrics of the song have nothing to do with the plot — it doesn't really matter who sings it. The number was still fun, and Link has plenty of opportunities to sing later on in the show.

Images: Trae Patton/NBC; Giphy